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Book Review: To Room Nineteen

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In this way, Suntan's high and low points are drastically influenced by her social and physical situations. Suntan's life Is sprinkled with a series of high points all centered on her level of independence at that particular time. For example, her happiest moments In life transpire when she leads a semi-separate life from Mathew, she has a separate Job, friends, and apartment; her social and physical situations overlapped but were not dependent on Mathews at this time. Suntan's next moment of relief ensues when she comes across Mrs..

Downtrend's motel, although the room itself was, "ordinary and anonymous" (Leasing 878) it's the social environment here that Susan craves; feeling detached from herself and almost reinvented gives her the temporary relief she needs to go home and be content with her life with Mathew and the children. Like a drug addict looking for her next fix Mrs.. Downtrend's motel will no longer feed Suntan's crave for solitude anymore, so she instead looks for a new relief and finds it in Fried's motel. Fried's motel is frequented by hookers and is a much worse establishment Han Mrs..

Downtrend's, but here Fred lets her be and gives her the feeling that, "she was alone and no one knew where she was" (Leasing 883), which satisfies the social privacy she desires. Suntan's final moment of relief occurs when she decides to take her life away In Freed motel; In this way she leaves the world content with the relationships she's left behind including her husband and children, while ultimately entering a permanently new social and physical environment giving her the fresh start she was looking for.

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Although Susan had many high points that were influenced by her social and physical environments she also had many low moments that were influenced by the same factors. Susan experienced many low moments; all of these unfortunate events were in some way influenced by her social and physical environments at that time. The first low point Susan faces occurs after she becomes Mrs.. Railings and they start a family. After having children Susan quits her Job and transitions into becoming fully dependent on Mathew, this change In social and physical atmosphere coupled with

Mathews Infidelity causes the first crack In Suntan's character. Subsequently, years later Suntan's next low experience occurs when the twins go to school, instead of on her, this change in the social situation drives her to a new low mood. The next low point strikes when Susan finds out that Mathew knows about Fried's Motel, as it is no longer hers, "The peace in the room had gone. She was constantly trying to revive it, trying to let go into the dark creative trance (or whatever it was) that she found here. (Leasing 886); her last area of peace has been found causing the final break in her character. In conclusion, Susan Railings death can be seen as the fate of a women who couldn't handle the life of a housewife and loses her sense of self only to find it in death, which acts as the ultimate change of social and physical environment. To conclude with a quick recap, "To Room Nineteen" by Doris Leasing is a story of the events leading to a woman's death due to post marital depression.

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