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Through classifying different aspects of the market, Nike’s specific target market for their insole massaging technology is identified via geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral segmentation. In terms of geographic segmentation, Nike’s insole massaging technology shall be made available through a large-scale product promotion and accessibility in different countries, focusing different flagship and retail stores amongst mall that would easily cater to the various members of communities — within districts, municipalities, cities, and states.

For the purpose of target marketing, Nike Inc. can first focus on promoting and marketing the said product in Europe, North America, Australia, and selected nations throughout Asia and Africa. It would be very logical to target and eventually reach various nations, especially those with strong sporting orientation as a culture and people because Nike’s insole massaging technology indeed has an immediate product use and benefit that would be of real significance to competing athletes, sports enthusiasts, and avid athletic shoes users.

However, with attempts to advance the insole technology unto different countries and cultures, Nike Inc. must truly consider choosing the most realistically economical and profitably promising scenarios in which its product will be marketed and sold. For instance, Nike Inc. could focus on promoting the product in suburban, urban and rural areas, and districts among nations, and it could just dismiss the idea of getting the product promoted and marketed into remote areas among countries. In terms of demographic segmentation, one of the vital factors to be considered is age, as the product’s target market will be ranging from 18 – 30.

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These are the ages to consider for this is when athletes’ skills and abilities in sport training and competitiveness are significantly harnessed as these athletes further on into the prime with the assistance to be offered by Nike’s insole technology. Moreover, as World of Sports Sciences stress, “The physical peak for most humans, in most sports, is between 25 and 35 years of age; during this peak period, the well-conditioned athlete can create a confluence of muscular strength, peak cardiovascular and oxygen transport, speed and reaction time”(World of Sports Science, 2008, n. p. ).

With regard to gender, both male and female athletes including sport foot wear users shall be targeted for the said product but would justly be contoured and manufactured for gender differences in between. With regard to social class, since Nike’s products are known for its supreme quality in exchange for a rather costly price strategy. Thus, it would be only reasonable to target those consumers who belong to the upper middle class— translating to capable purchasing power, especially in terms of disposable income.

With regard to educational attainment and occupation, upper middle class students, educated, and undergraduates, in both high school and college levels (can be extended to graduate degree holders and young professionals) will be a fine choice for marketing the said product. Other factors such as religion and race can be given less stress and emphasis, since essentially the insole technology can be used regardless of these.

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