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This is an interesting story about what news comes into the church in town and how the Priest in the church hopefully takes it and how he tries to solve it out. The news here is very peculiar and surprising. The news that has never been heard off it is very difficult to understand as to why significant things like this happen in life why people commit such mistakes and on committing such mistakes people tend to become guilty and they start to dream where they are always being pointed out to what they did was very much wrong.

Here, things point out to women who generally tend to make mistakes intentionally or unintentionally and later become guilty or sometimes not feeling guilty at all So there is always a bad impression about women for what they do. Sometimes, all women don't seem to be what they are actually. The looks don't seem to go along with their character as far as this story is concerned. So basically the opinion what the priest has towards women is not good he would suggest not to go by the looks of a woman in order to meet her.

This is a story, which tells one about the conversation between two people, the priest in the church, and the girl who comes in to confess her sins.

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What is more interesting in this is in the first half; we see what the girl needs to say about her mistakes and what the priest has to say about it. The story also depicts the opinion the priest has towards the people who come to him to confess, most of them being women according to him here. According to his years of experience he is not at all happy with the woman behavior. The Priest always seemed to listen to the confessors for what they had to say and would always get into the depth of the problem though many other priests told him, as there was no thing as sin and it is a part and parcel of life one day he would give it up in life.

The priest was a person who didn't like the middle class, the Irish government and England though nobody harmed him in anyway. He was a heavy built up man of 60 yrs of age with a slow thinking and slow moving thoughts so one day he happens to meet a girl confessor who come in to confess her sin as the priest looks into the grill window of the confession box he sees the girl looked to be young of medium height, with a face of full animation and charm the part that attracted the most to him was her freckled cheeks and her gray-blue eyes which made the priest to be more curious about what she had to say. He observed that this girl was not from the same town, as he previously knew most of them in town.

Now, the important part of the story is what the girl had to say and what was the new thing or the news she had brought to the church there, the news was that she had made a sin of using bad words, telling lies, bad language that too when she was drunk and was not aware of what she spoke. Though the priest was surprised since she was educated and was working in a convent school but it was a result of the nuns there due to which she had drunk and spoken in bad language.

Another thing, which the priest did not like, was the convent schools and the nuns so in order to figure out and to know more about the girl's mental status he tries to know if she was drinking along with her family and then he comes to know that her mother had expired sometime long time ago about seven years back and she had only her father who would not mind for such things so basically the family background of the girl seemed to be very unusual to the priest.

Though she did not live in the town she would walk all the way alone to places by walk. Since she had lost her mother at a very young age almost when she was a baby she had not got proper advice and guidance in life this made the priest feel pity on her, as he knew the value of having a mother to guide you thru out the life. So he advices her that taking a drink once in a while is ok as he himself would have a drink very rarely but he insists that old people like him must do such mistakes of talking something bad without their knowledge when drunk rather than youngsters who have a very bright future and to do a lot of things in life so he suggests her that she can get the excitement in life she wants by quitting this habit also.

After saying all this girl comes up with another complaint saying that apart from bad habits she had bad companies too. She says she had more than one boy to go around with and for which the priest says it was worse than having no boys at all and slowly she comes out with a top secret with a hesitant feeling saying that she had a carnal intercourse with the man now the priest is horribly shocked to hear this from a nineteen year old girl and she says that it happened twice on the same occasion with a unmarried man.Now the priest becomes more curious to know about the man as to who he was but the girl was not sure if the man was married or not and she specifies that this incident took place about five years back which meant it happened when the girl was just fourteen years old still younger, this man was supposed to be dating the girl’s sister Kate who was married but still going around with this man for fun which this girl did not like because at that age she found that man to be very nice to her and who would treat her as a grown up.

Hearing to all this the priest felt that the girl was not serious enough or not matured kind to accept the mistake what she had done she always used to feel bad when she would be sent to bed leaving this man with her sister Kate who would not care for him. She did not like her sister Kate at all though she had been taken care by her sister after her mother’s death seven years ago.

She says when she met this man again she felt it was something different of being with others it was never the same with other man than with the first man you fall for. The priest warns her telling that the main reason for all this was her habit of drinking if she continued to do this she would end up doing the same thing until she is fifty years old and all the men including the lower class the indecent men would take advantage of her and she will be nowhere and this would keep repeating all the time in her life.

The girl feels that the men get along with her out of curiosity and try to elaborate it. The girl says that she and her sister were like friends though her sister Kate was much elder to her they would discuss everything including the love letters. Everything was going well till she got married but once she got married she only used to talk and whisper to other married woman and would change the topic if I entered the room, which was a kind of peculiar.

Now the priest tries to ask if this man would marry her or if he was in a position to marry her but the as the girl was not too sure so she assumes that he would marry her as he was interested to marry her sister Kate so now the priest wanted to talk to the girl’s father about this but the girl refuses to involve her father in this matter and nor was the girl interested to talk to the man to ask if he could marry her the priest was more surprised at this decision of the girl.

The priest tries to peep thru the window shutter but he was not able to see clearly as it was getting dark in the church and for one moment of time he felt if someone was playing a prank with him. But the girl says it was true and she felt that the man Terry was lighthearted and very irresponsible to live with so the priest advices her what if she had a child or if she had to go and earn for the living and considers this girl also to be irresponsible.

The girl seemed to have committed the mistake again last night in town and when asked she accepts that it happened last night while coming in the train and that morning terry had gone back home so the priest asks the girl why she had not gone back home and why she did not tell this to anybody.

So the girl felt that this matter cannot be told to anybody and so she walked all the way to the church and told this to him as if he was a confidential person to whom such matters could be shared with.

The priest tried to become more angry and now he started to ask questions as how a doctor or a priest would ask his patient or his confessor and he kept shooting questions which made the girl feel more awkward but still she continued to answer it boldly though she was feeling very embarrassed and her body language seemed to be as if something was biting her.

He tried to uncover the secrets, which were hidden in her romance of mistakes he asked her all about the step by step procedure that happened which made the girl feel uneasy and the girl started to feel that the way he asked her the questions was something unpleasant and when she peeped in properly it seemed as it was somebody and not the father or the priest of the church and it was also so, and it was a nice little story to be told to someone like her sister for which she felt a great guilt for.

THESIS of the “News for the Church” it is seen that in the beginning the girl comes in to the church to confess about what she had done but as we go deep into the story it becomes more interesting for the reader as he can understand that the priest had to say all about it rather than the girl so the story part in the last half is very interesting and exciting to read as it makes the reader curious about the whole thing so as a whole it’s a nice interesting story to read.





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