New Immigrants vs. Old Immigrants

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Jessica Owuriedu Ap history HOW DID THE CHARACTERS AND EXPERIENCES OF THE NEW IMMIGRANTS OF 1880-1940 COMPARE TO THOSE OF THE OLD IMMIGRANTS WHO CAME BEFORE THEM. The Influx of immigrants into America were been placed into two distinct spheres over time. The New immigrants and Old immigrants differed greatly in their behavior and qualities which was also pertained to the America they found between 1880 and 1940. Transferring from their home country, the old immigration mainly came from northern and western Europe.

The German, Irish, Norwegians Swedish including other European tribes fluxed into America not only as a result of congested Europe. Majority of the Old immigrants headed into America for its prevailing opportunities and freedom. They were attracted by the cheap lands (Homestead act) that was available and the ability to rise from rags to riches. Being mostly Protestants by religion, they were easily assimilated into the American way of life. On the other hand, the New immigrants fluxed mainly from the southern and eastern Europe. Among them were the Italians, Croats Slovaks, Greeks and Poles.

Ushered into America mainly by the economic hardships and the lengthening gap between the rich and poor in their countries. Their intent were mainly settled in the idea of getting rich. They were the bird of passage of the era. Many came not with the idea of just seeking a better life but returning to their homelands with their acquired wealth. Innate in the them, was their own religious denomination which included Catholics, Orthodox and Jewish. This conflicted with the Puritanism and protestant America, partially giving rise to the various Antiforeigner organizations.

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Furthermore, it is important to note that the Old immigrants relocating to America were literate and skilled. For example the Germans support for education in creating Kindergartens. Although the Old immigrants were eager to preserve their culture they were also eager to learn about their new home. They learned the English language and adapted more readily. Being mostly farm skilled, there fitted into the American community which was established by farming. Conversely, the New immigrants were enormously illiterate and unskilled.

These impoverished immigrants showed these characteristics by settling largely in the cites and mainly acquiring factory jobs for wages instead of farming. They were hired in the rising factory jobs and settled for low-wages. For instance, the Italians and Poland were the most largest city inhabitants( New York, Chicago ) than many of the largest cities of the same nationality in the Old world . More over it is important to note that the Old immigrants had inherent in them , the ways of democracy. They easily blended into the American Democratic order, which made it easier for them to prosper in their new Found home.

It is quite interesting to also mention that the majority of the old immigrants came not entirely loaded with money but had fairly something to live on. Contrary, the New immigrants were somewhat radical and autocratic in nature. They weren’t opened to the American political system. They had with them distinct political views and doctrines such as communism, socialism, and anarchism. Which consequently sparked the American Protective Association. Relocating into American urban cites , New immigrants came quite improvised and needy compared to the Old immigrants.

They immediately settled for lower-wages in the growing factory work and dirty poor tenements in the cites, especially New York and Chicago. The last but not the least was their geographical locations. It is also important to mention that the New immigrants were reluctant to blend in and they were very ethnic in their ways. Whilst most Old immigrants settled in the west, the New immigrants heavily packed in the east where there was growing urbanization. It is clear that the experiences and characteristics between Old immigrants and New immigrants in America were in two distinct spheres.

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