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To begin with, I'm going to evaluate the effectiveness of the documents which I used in my recruitment process. I'm going to discuss how the documents contribute overall to the organisation, management and conduct of the interview and the process of making a selection decision. I'm going to talk about each document and describe how it is an advantage or disadvantage to use that specific document when recruiting an new employee.

I'm also going to talk about the problems that could be caused without having the documents during the recruitment process and the importance of them. At first I had to consider the type of documents that were required when recruiting a new employee for McDonalds. I had to make a variety of documents that would all help to get the ideal shift manager to work at McDonalds. This is why I had to ensure I did my best when creating the five different documents. I'm going to write about each document and the advantage and disadvantage of each one of them.

Job Advert

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When designing my job Advert I had to ensure that I used all the correct information that was required to be shown to the members of the public. I had to make sure I included the job role, where the job is based, the hours of work, how to apply and the experience that I required for the shift manager. The job advert is the start of the process of documents that are used to help find the correct recruit after the whole process. I'm going to discuss the advantage and disadvantages of this document which I used for the recruitment process of the shift manager. Read about 

McDonald's quality assurance.


By using this type of document when recruiting for McDonalds, you can appeal to a much wider audience; get a bigger cross section of people from different backgrounds. Another advantage is that it really helps to fill lots of vacancies fast therefore the shift managers job role is very important and needs to be filled quickly by advertising it in different areas it attracts people, it also helps with any competition, if your advert is good etc. Disadvantages You can prove expensive for some smaller companies although McDonalds are a huge company so it doesn't always apply to them.

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Advertising a good job such as a management role means you'll get everyone applying for it, even if they aren't qualified to do the role, which is time consuming having to sift them out which is why it needs to be so specific, so it doesn't waste the time when short listing. Job description When creating the job description for the job role of the Shift manager, I had to consider the roles and responsibilities that they had to take on everyday. It was important that I included as much as possible to eliminate people who didn't fit the criteria, and didn't have the relevant qualifications and skills required. Read also about S amsung competitive advantage

I made sure I included as much as I could relating to the hours of work, the basic job and what was expected of them, so that the chosen recruit would know what to expect. I'm going to write about the advantage and disadvantage of using a job description.


The advantage of using a job description as one of my documents for the recruitment process at McDonalds meant that its a lot easier to compare potential candidates to it, by helping with the selection process. It also allows possible candidates to compare themselves with the job.

It is also an legal requirement and allows candidates to know the relevant information needed about what the job involves and the responsibilities they will have before applying for the job role. It therefore it makes it a lot easier for myself to draw up a relevant job advert, which had relevant information on it and allowed me to obtain candidates who could the necessary tasks.


The disadvantages of using the job description as a document when recruiting means, that there is a high chance you can lose an ideal candidate for another type of job within the job. You may also be interested in Ansoff Matrix McDonalds

It also means that a recruit may have skills in a certain area on the job description but they can't carry out a particular task therefore they don't apply meaning you may have lost a good candidate. Application form It was important to give out application form McDonalds for the potential recruit to fill out to find out background information about the person who is applying for the job. It also meant that I was able to see their previous work place, and what type of skills they had, by using application forms there is advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages All application forms are the same for the applicants to fill out so it makes it a lot easier to scan and compare information on the different employees. By using an application form it mean that I could get all the information I need to know in order to schedule an interview. It is also beneficial to see what educational qualifications they have to plus work experience to see if they had the experience requested. It is also great to learn more about the person. Also read about factors affecting globalization

Disadvantages There are disadvantages to using application forms, is that applicants don't have the space like they do on a CV, (although cover letter's and CV's were also aloud which also added). Therefore the applicant can't write much about themselves so as the recruiter you don't know a great deal about them as its just cold facts on paper . It's also know so great as people could lie and then they don't know its true because they are only filling out the form.

CV/ Cover letter When recruiting an new employee it's important that you receive a CV and cover letter from them to find out their specific qualification and what previous jobs the have had, if they have completed any awards and their current skills. For the job role of the shift manager it was specifically requested what was expected of them, therefore on the CV's and cover letters being handed in they should have all consisted of the expectations before receiving an interview.

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