New employee program emphasizes teamwork and communication

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As the Assistant to the HR manager, I would make a mandatory requirement that all incoming employees must complete a new program that was created by me with in their first 90 days. This program would be designed to ensure that our new talent understands the importance of working together. My program would include these three key principles of working together. The first principle would be on how to effectively communicate as a team. It Is very Important when working together as a team that all vital information Is communicated amongst each other In a clear positive manner.

The next principle I would focus on In my program would be having ur Incoming employees work on a group trust exercise. To ensure a high performance team when working together, the team members must be able to trust all the Individuals In the group. The last principle I would Implement Into my program as the assistant to the HR manager would be a diversity workshop. This workshop will prepare Incoming employees to engage creatively, and work out difficult situations with peers of many different backgrounds. ncoming employees will find out immediately that there is a major focus on team work throughout their training. In their first week I would have them focus on how to effectively ommunicate to their peers in the workforce. I would set them up in groups, and have them start with ice breakers, then move on to a small collaborative project. I hope that they learn that effective communication is very important, not only to share the proper amount of information, but by also knowing how to talk in a professional manner.

You always want to avoid talking down, and barking orders to your co- workers when working together. Effective communication is not possible if you do not talk to your team members in professional manner. Once the new incoming employees have learned how to communicate effectively when working together, I ould then have them participate in trust building exercises. We all know that trust is the building blocks behind any good relationship, and I would want our new incoming employees to have a good working relationship, and to have trust amongst each other.

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Some of these trust building exercises would include group projects. These projects are to be designed to have each member of the group to complete a certain task. To accomplish the end result, the overall goal everyone will need to play apart. Groups that complete the project will see that their trust and teamwork lead them to their completion. The other groups that did not finish will also see how Important trust and teamwork is to their success. The last key principle I would Implement in my program for new Incoming employees Is a diversity workshop.

Diversity In the workplace has many benefits to It! Some key points that I would want my Incoming employees to get from the workshop will be working together with other cultures to foster a more creative and Innovative workforce. Multicultural employees bring a variety of bring new Ideas, and suggestions to the table. Many Ideas that are refreshing, and sometimes very Innovating. I would want the Incoming employees hat are hired for leadership or managerial posltlons to really focus on diversity when Interviewing, and recruiting talent.

Recrultlng from a diverse pool of candidates means a more qualified workforce. A diverse and inclusive workforce also helps Duslnesses av010 employee turnover costs I do believe that my program that will be rolling out to our incoming employees will not only be beneficial to their personal professional development, but also to our organizations. The three key principles listed in my program will have our staff prepared to work together as a highly motivated efficient team!

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