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McDonald's - the 90th largest economy in the world - feeds about 1 percent of the world's population a day. That's 68 million people! It hires more than 1 million workers In the US per year and Is the world's largest toy distributed. McDonald's also created the Ronald McDonald House charity, which houses more than 6000 families a year in Australia alone. However, this Illinois-based company is undeniably threatening the 'global village'. It is doing so in a lot of ways, including the damage it inflicts to the environment, its exploitation of foreign and domestic labor and its active impacts on traditional cultures.

In this seminar, I will be analyzing different pictures that support my argument that McDonald's Is directly destroying the global village. I think that through the Impacts It has upon the environment In which we live, McDonald's is directly destroying the global village. As a large company, McDonald's needs a lot of resources to fuel its growth. For example, Americans alone consume over 1 billion pounds of beef at McDonald's every year. A cow produces 250 ml of methane per day on average. Think of how much methane is created by the sows needed to produce 1 billion pounds of beef!

McDonald's has also been accused by Greenback of feeding Its chickens with soybeans grown on farms In the Amazon rainforest's. These soybean farms are cleared Illegally. Leading to mass deforestation In the Amazon. By doing this, McDonald's not only encourages illegal traders in the Amazon, but also sends a worldwide message that deforestation is a viable option that can lead to contracts selling produce to McDonald's. Encouraging excessive methane production and deforestation are Just a few of the ways in which McDonald's helps to destroy the environment.

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McDonald's also negatively affects the global village by exploiting members of the workforce. This Is done through the misuse of domestic and foreign labor. McDonald's has always been the target of accusations that they exploit teenage labor, paying them wages that are too low to be readily lived upon. These reduced rates can be seen in this table. But most recently McDonald's has tried to tackle these accusations head on by releasing an example budget for someone who works for the company. From the start this budget was flawed, as you can see here, the employee would have to work two Jobs to survive.

This fact shows that an employee could not be sustained on a McDonald's wage. Secondly, McDonald's cited that health cover costs $20. This is not the case, for that amount you would be likely only to get say, ambulance cover. Thirdly, try spending only $25 a day on Just food, let alone drinks, clothes and other necessities. This budget on its own, is certain evidence that you would not be able to live on a McDonald's wage. In extreme cases some people have had to choose between paying bills and eating food.

This exploitation of cheap labor is another reason why I think McDonald's Is contributing too diminished global village. McDonald's Is also destroying the global village by abolishing various cultures from around the world. As seen in the picture here, McDonald's is intervening with traditional culture, replacing traditional pastimes, like food-preparation and consumption, with an internationalists product. Often in these traditional cultures, things like food can be tied up with rituals, so food is linked to their cultural heritage.

By replacing chance to pass on their cultural stories through food. However some people in other parts of the world have realized that this tragic loss of culture is occurring. For example, the people of a small town east of Melbourne called Tacoma has recently protested against there being a McDonald's built in the town. 80 000 people thus far have signed a petition demanding that a McDonald's franchise not be installed in their town. The fact that the company destroys culture and that people are realizing it is another reason that McDonald's is destroying the global village.

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