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New Deal

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The intention of stabilizing the economic capability of a nation is the most significant goal of any leader. However, with President Franklin Roosevelt’s strategy to implement the New Deal, the nation was not really able to achieve sustainability for a long term.

Roosevelt’s main intention was to expand the government’s power to help the sectors which were affected by the great depression. It is true that the federal capability was able to increase its power but with a corresponding irreversible cost. Because of such expansion, additional federal segments were constructed which comprised of what was called the “alphabet agencies” as stated in Wikipedia.

Most of these agencies were not really significant in providing safety measures for people who were directly experiencing economic upheaval. Even the Supreme Court ruled out that a number of those federal offices were constructed unconstitutionally. A number of such departments just contributed to the imperfect allocation of federal funds which greatly affected the national budgetary allowance. A huge portion of wasted money was used for non-performing departments which could have saved the general public some more social welfare funds.

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New Deal

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One main proof of such wastes is the reduction of these agencies to only a few ones which can still be recognized today. Some of the largest remaining departments still in operation are the Security and Exchange Commission and the Social Security System. These agencies have direct impacts to the public since the former provides registrations for businesses while the latter intends to provide financial and welfare securities for each individual.

The New Deal’s bargaining approach in controlling the money supply and the economy in general did not really provided the three R goals-relief, recovery and reform. People were not really relieved from the problematic economic downturn due to misallocation of funds. Recovery was not actually achieved due to the global effects of the Wall Street Crash in 1929. Lastly, reform only produced additional problems in managing the federal government due to the establishment of satellite departments which complicated the governing process.


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