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Suffrage Movement during the Progressive Era

During the late 1800’s and early 1900’s women’s lives were consumed with fighting for what they should have always had; equality. This fight for fairness is the main driving force behind the Progressive Era. Women were coming together all over the country in a unified …

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Words 1808
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What is progressive essay?
A progressive essay is one that consists of two or three essays that each stand on their own, but connect in a natural progression. Each essay builds on the one before it or "progresses".
What were the 3 main goals of the progressive movement?
The progressives had three main goals: to promote morality; economic reform; efficiency; and social welfare.
What did the progressive movement?
The Progressive movement, a political movement of the turn-of-the century, was concerned with social and policy reform, stopping political corruption from political machines, as well as limiting the political influence by large corporations.
What are 3 characteristics of the Progressive Era?
A focus on family and education was one of the hallmarks of the Progressive Era. Women's suffrage was also a key feature.

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