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NAUKRI. COM Industry- eBusiness is the integration of a company's business including products, procedures, and services over the Internet. [pic] • You turn your company from a business into an eBusiness when you integrate your sales, marketing, accounting, manufacturing, and operations with your web site activities. • An eBusiness uses the Internet as a center for all business activities. • eCommerce is the online component of an eBusiness. • E-business may be defined as the conduct of industry,trade,and commerce using the computer networks. • Naukri. om is an Indian job search engine operating in India founded by Sanjeev Bikhchandani in March1997. • This employment site allows businesses to place job announcements and look through resumes. People looking for employement can post their resumes, ad links to their home page and browse the ads and look at potential employer's home pages as well. • The site was established in 1997 by Info Edge (India) Ltd. Info Edge is a listed company on the Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange. It went public in November 2006. As of March 31, 2011 Naukri. om had a database of about 25 million registered job seekers and over 80,000 live job listings from Corporate Customers. During the Fiscal year 2010-11 Naukri. com serviced approximately 42,000 Corporate Customers, an average of about 12,000 resumes were added while about 72,000 were modified daily in the Naukri. com database in Fiscal year 2010-11. Overview • In India Naukri. com has been ranked at 22nd spot as per Alexa traffic rankings. It has a global ranking of 452. 2,480 sites share their links in the job portal. Usually almost 9 minutes is spent by each viewer in the site nd every page is viewed almost 42 second approximately. Naukri is the leading job site in India and is the premier brand of Info Edge. It has single-handedly given a new dimension to the concept of employment in the country. • After it was found the company has left behind every competitor. Naukri. com as a recruitment agency offers employment related services to both regular job seekers and leading placement agencies and recruiters and corporate houses. Its services are available in both India as well as outside the country. The jobsite offers a wide range of services such as Response Management Tools and Resume Database Access.

Among its major services is recruiter branding solutions, Naukri PayCheck, Naukri. com Magazine, Resdex, Naukri on Mobile and Chat and job postings. The site has, at any time, 200,000 jobs and serves almost 35,500 corporate houses. It also publishes a useful report named Naukri JobSpeak, which is brought out on a monthly basis. Corporate strategy Vision • Vision is to create a platform where, in 20 years time, every Indian who is looking for a job can find one. Mission • Every person looking for a Job should get one. Initial Strategy (1997-2000) • The initial marketing strategy was geared towards fulfilling two objectives.

The first objective was to get the companies and placement consultants to list their jobs on the web site and the second one was to get job seekers to visit the site. Towards achieving the first objective, an intensive search exercise was carried out. The team went through the previous issues of several newspapers and magazines, went to libraries, scanned Yellow Pages and built a mailing list that contained names and addresses of approximately twenty four thousand companies and placement consultants who had placed an advertisement for jobs in the last five years.

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Letters were mailed out to them with information about the service. At the same time, another list of newspapers and magazines was compiled. Letters were also sent to these newspapers and magazines informing them of the introduction of this unique service. Advertising was also done but on a very small scale. It was restricted to small-classified displays in newspapers. In effect, initially, the marketing strategy of Naukri. com was based on direct mailing and it was actually a very low cost one. Current Strategy (2001-2004) • The marketing strategy currently being followed by Naukri. om is "two pronged" one, in the words of their marketing manager Ayesha Kapur. Naukri. com reaches out to two segments primarily - the job seekers and the employers. To reach out to recruiters, Naukri. com has a 130-140 strong sales force across the country that go around and meet the clients face to face, introduce them to the products and explain them. The mechanism adopted to reach out to the other segment, that is, the job seekers, is aggressive advertising. The aggressive advertising has kept momentum only during the last year (2003-2004). Naukri. om has been advertising on television and the print media and is now exploring radio as a medium for advertising its services and products. Advertisement on television has included promotion during the India–Australia cricket game series telecast on the national T. V. network, Doordarshan, in the year 2001. Environmental factors • The major external forces are: • SUPPLY AND DEMAND • If the company has a demand for more professionals and there is limited supply in the market for the professionals demanded by the company, then the company will have to depend upon internal sources by providing them special training and development programs.

In this case naukri. com has to supply more resumes and employable people. • Labour market If there is surplus of manpower at the time of recruitment, even informal attempts at the time of recruiting like notice boards display of the requisition or announcement in the meeting etc will attract more than enough applicants. • IMAGE / GOODWILL • Image of a company is based on what organization does and affected by industry. Good companies looking for candidates at naukri. com will increase the number of people joining the site for future searches. POLITICAL-SOCIAL- LEGAL ENVIRONMENT • Various government regulations prohibiting discrimination in hiring and employment have direct impact on recruitment practices. any law or regulation will affect the number of resumes forwarded by naukri. com for example if there are reserved seats for SC/ST in a company then naukri. com will have to filter out those matching this criteria. • COMPETITORS • To face the competition, many a times the organizations have to change their recruitment policies according to the policies being followed by the competitors. Naukri. om has to follow with company’s policies and update its website with same on real time basis. Business Process [pic] • Naukri. com is currently positioned in the online recruitment and job search space. • It can define its business based on products and services delivered or customer functions fulfilled. • A possible list of definitions could include online advertising site for vacancies; Internet based recruitment related products and services business; online resume source; online information source for job seekers on available jobs; online job application method; online resume services for job-seekers, etc. Another way of defining a firm’s business is to base the definition on the firm’s core competencies. • Naukri. com has developed competencies in creating and running a website and associated technologies. • The firm is competent at facilitating matches between the job providers and the job seekers using its website and the power of Internet and e-mail. • This definition enables the firm to diversify in the future to any product category where the firm can facilitate matches between two or more sets of parties using a website, the Internet, and e-mail through its proprietary technology and databases. A visit to naukri. com website indicates that the firm is already experimenting with matrimonial matches and matches involving owners of building plots, houses, and apartments with those seeking to purchase or rent property. Problem definition As the number of unemployable people is rising we need a method by which Just in time approach for finding the jobs by unemployable people and finding of employees by the company becomes efficient. Requirement analysis As Is |To be | |Notice boards, print ads, word of mouth |Web portal | |Results oriented |Process oriented | |Low level coverage of notice |Wide area coverage of information | |JIT process efficiency is low |JIT process becomes efficient | |Difficult in access to information |Easy access to live employment opportunities | |Low records of database of searchers and recruiters |Large records updated daily | |Public access, private access not possible |Private access possible | Technology • The database collection. • World Wide Web • iFind Technology The iFind algorithm is powered to find what you mean, not just what you type. This increases the volume of relevant resumes available to you to choose from. • The ION platform is fitted with security features to cover: User authentication • Safe platform administration • Secure communication protocols • Additionally, the platform is compatible with standard security features, such as the ones related to the setup of secure networks (in particular VPN technology, firewalls/routers NAT configurations, SSH connections). • E-apps application for employers to manage responses. • applicant tracking system (ATS) • DSS [pic] Technologies used and their preference with increasing volume

Attributes and Characteristics • Faster search • Secured access • Personalized data • Customization of data • Privacy protocol • Huge records for recruiter and applicant to search from • Cost effective • Global reach • Reduction in recruitment time by 60% Usability from stakeholder points of view For job hunters • Ease of access to millions of jobs. • Personalized format • Secure login • Global reach • Application time is reduced • Resume developments For employers • Connectivity to millions of job hunters • Real time information updates • Relevant search • E apps to manage resonses • Ease in passing information For government • Increase in GDP • Increase in tax revenues Low unemployable rate IT Infrastructure requirement [pic] 5 layer model of naukri. com infrastructure [pic] Firewall It is a software application mounted on a server at the point where a company is connected to the internet. Its purpose is to prevent unauthorized access into the company from outsiders Demiliterized zone In a DMZ configuration, most computers on the LAN run behind a firewall connected to a public network like the internet. One or more computers also run outside the firewall in the DMZ. Cost benefit analysis They made the market more efficient by reducing ‘search cost’ and ‘transaction cost’ thus making it attractive to get into this market.

It is important to understand the reasons for naukri. com and other similar websites registering excellent growth. The job market existed before but naukri. com and other similar websites took initiatives to facilitate certain activities performed in this market. They made the market more efficient by reducing ‘search cost’ and ‘transaction cost’ thus making it attractive to get into this market. In this case, the efficiency in the market also brings in effectiveness as the cycle time to close the transaction becomes short leading to increased satisfaction. That is, when market becomes more efficient, ‘trapped value’ is released which means a new revenue stream for the business organization.

Trapped value is also released when a ‘new value system’ gets created, for example, the value of a new found ‘community’ of recruiters and job seekers—they existed earlier but as standalone entities. This leads to savings in cost to search the talent. For recruiters the cost advantage comes from reducing the cost of print ads and other traditional methods. Also they get the great talent quickly so that they can hire the person for the position and continue their operations. For job hunters it saves their cost of running around for hunting down the required jobs. Challenges in Naukri. com business [pic] People- Convenience and connectivity ensures people are just click away to get the right kind of job.

The ease of accessing the database for application for the jobs has made it easier for people to search the jobs which suit them. However with increasing number of applicants the increasing database makes it difficult to manage the large pool of offers. Moreover some co-success factors support both efficiency and effectiveness: communities as parts of e-customer relationship management programs improve customer retention , thus avoiding high costs of acquiring new customers. Implementation It's easy to describe e-commerce and the benefits resulting from its implementation. It's not so easy to develop and deploy e-commerce systems. Companies have faced significant hurdles in these efforts: Cost.

E-commerce requires sophisticated, distributed systems based on new technologies that can touch many of a company's core business processes. As with all major business systems, e-commerce systems require significant investments in hardware, software, staffing, and training. Businesses need comprehensive solutions that are easy to use and thus help enable cost-effective deployment. Value. Businesses want to know that their investments in e-commerce systems will produce a return. They deploy e-commerce systems to achieve business objectives such as lead generation, business process automation, and cost reduction. They want to ensure that these objectives are met.

Businesses also need flexible solutions so that they can easily adapt a system to meet changing business conditions. Security. Because the Internet provides almost universal access, a company's assets must be protected against misuse, whether accidental or malicious. At the same time, that protection should not compromise a site's usability or performance nor make its development too complex. There is an additional security issue: Because e-commerce systems enable the collection and usage of sensitive information about individual customers, companies also need to protect the privacy of their customers. Existing Systems. Companies need to be able to harness the functionality of existing applications into e-commerce systems.

Most companies new to e-commerce already use information technology to conduct business in non-Internet environments— in existing marketing, order management, billing, inventory, distribution, and customer service systems. The Internet represents an alternative and complementary way to do business. It's imperative that Internet e-commerce systems integrate existing systems in a manner that avoids duplicate function and maintains usability, performance, and reliability. Interoperability. Interoperability here means the linking of trading partners' applications in order to exchange business documents. These systems must work together well in order to achieve business objectives. For example, the order-management application of a business partner must interoperate with the inventory applications of its suppliers.

Interoperation between businesses reduces costs and improves performance. It enables the implementation of more dynamic value chains. Business partners Brijj- professional networking Merination- study material Jeevansaathi- Indian matrimonial site Allcheck deals- real estate in india Zomato- food guide 99 acres- real estate in india Shiksha- education and career Mydala. com- deal offering site PEST Analysis POLITICAL: 1. Government support for increasing Internet penetration in India. 2. Tax benefits to corporate. 3. Government policy to increase jobs 4. Pumping money in the infrastructure ECONOMICAL 1. Booming Indian economy. 2. Increase in Indian GDP 3.

Increase in ratio of Employed to unemployed people 4. Base of internet users multiplied by 10 to 11 times in last 6 years. SOCIAL 1. People spend more time on internet 2. Rise of social networking site 3. High priority on time and convenience. 4. Improving usage of Broadband and high computer literacy. TECHNOLOGICAL 1. increase in broadband services 2. Increasing penetration rate of broadband and wireless internet. 3. Better managed E business site for ease, privacy and advancements in net banking. SWOT Analysis • naukri. com has the first mover advantage. It is still paying off till date with naukri having the best brand recall in terms of job portals. The site design has received great acceptance among Indians. (better than monster and timesjobs) • It has the experience of being in the market for almost a decade. • It has a large market share while monsterindia and Timesjobs are far behind. • It ranked as India’s number one job site on all parameters — page view, reach, and traffic. • It has the advantage of a clear revenue model since its inception. While it has a few services that are free to both job seekers and job providers, the majority of their services are paid for by the recruiters. • It has a very committed team. This is clear from the visits made by them to establish contact. It is known to have one of the best work atmospheres. Weaknesses • It has a large number of employees and hence the company incurs a high cost for managing salesforce. • There is a high level of attrition. • Employer Branding on Naukri. com is hardly visible which is a major product flaw on the portal Opportunities • Internet users are increasing day by day. Approximately, 7. 5 million urban Indians are using the net. • Further, with broadband infrastructure being rolled out, there are more opportunities on the net. • The scope of online recruitment is, therefore, increasing. Like any other online recruitment company, it has the advantage of being a low cost medium of recruitment. • SHIKSHA. om and JEEVANSAATHI. com are the group portals of naukri. com and have great potential • The online opportunity for hiring in India is growing at 80-90 per cent each year. THREATS • Chances are that many more potential competitors may gain entry into the market. • It is quite possible that any one of the players may also provide value-added services to clients like conducting preliminary interviews, etc. • Sabotaging the existing clients of naukri. com by its competitors recently and luring them with more listing and other value-added services at slightly more premium can have a long term negative impact. While this issue can be tack-led out by naukri. om, if it continues, it may result in erosion of market advantage and loss of customer confidence on a single job portal i. e Naukri and hence loss of brand loyalty. Ethical Issues 1) Web tracking: E-businesses draw information on how visitors use a site through log files. Analysis of log file means turning log data into application service or installing software that can pluck relevant information from files in-house. 2) Privacy: Most Electronic Payment Systems knows the identity of the buyer. So it is necessary to protect the identity of a buyer who uses Electronic Payment System. References http://www. slideshare. net/dipaliqween/infoedge

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