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Typically when people think of their quality world they think of the perfect life; fun, friends, the dream family, dream Job, and the money to buy anything they desire. Of course ideally I want the finer things in life, but I would never want to be the type of person to be the type of person to take handouts. I aspire to be a strong, independent, intelligent woman with strong determination & whom is persistent to honestly earn everything I have. I am currently working towards an associates in counting, and later transfer to an university for a bachelors in business administration.

Afterwards I will like to get my relaters license. I want to flip houses on the market, and use that money to invest into other business ventures. I feel like it is important to have a backup plan and a backup plan for my back up plan to ensure my business empire will be happen. However I don't want to do it all for Just myself. I want to be able to provide for my love ones; the ones who were selfless & loved me enough to take care of me when I couldn't provide for myself. My family means a lot to me and I want to be able to show them that.

Home is where the heart is and my heart is with them. Although independence is a very important part of my quality world , I know I can't do it all on my own. I feel like any plan that doesn't have God In It is a plan to fail. I want to have a strong spiritual connection. I believe that this would help bring harmony and tranquility in my life. I want to give off good vibes and positive energy, and I want the people around me to share those same values. I want o be open minded enough to intake different knowledge from those who surround me.

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My quality world Involves comfort , but never to be content. Failure Is not an option , and neither is Just settling. The ultimate goal Is to be successful. When I look at being successful I don't Just see It from a materialistic aspect, but rather as being well rounded. Within my quality world I have peace of mind, wisdom, financial stability, happiness, and surround by the people I love and good vibes. I currently see myself as a diamond In a rough to make my quality world reality.

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