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Students who push burgers: effects on education quality

The present thrust of university education is geared towards student’s independence, offering programs with part time study options to suit individual requirements and needs.For the fact that part time student’s performance complements the complexities of their drive and support system, the move to put on websites and electronic library access had so far supported the pressures of the student’s lifestyles and work-study habits.Part timers vary greatly from the needs of their full time counterparts as to age, socio-economic mix, educational background and motivations for continuing studies.

It is imperative that a study of their part time rates and family context be inducted to help resolve problems on unaffordable tuition fees.

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Learning while earning as a part time student, molded me into a more mature person in the aspect of working to sustain education and meeting basic personal and family needs. I raise my hand to disagree Minot’s theory that the quality of education suffers when a student works simply by basing from the prerequisites involving good education founded as the case of a dedicated student, a comprehensive curriculum, quality assurance issues of the teacher, and the applied teaching methodology of the university.

In the case of the student, we all have to deal with his capability to develop time management and assess priorities. Time management in the sense that the student shall be able to determine the number of hours that he need to work to generate the level of income sufficient for him to survive life. A kind of timetable to determine the number of hours appropriated for his studies, quality time with family and for personal matters of rest and leisure. The student’s sense of responsibility is then developed to exact appropriations regarding budget constraints and active participation in decisions centered on his own and shared family functions.

The car was marked to be a necessity rather than a form of luxury in the part of the student. Minot’s theory was simply based on his sarcasm of buying what teenage people want, like the designer jeans, as if he hasn’t undergone the age and the stage. The culture of employed students is ultimate freedom to express their rights and their needs as relevant as the issues of quantity or quality of work from students. It is the process of undergoing through the different stages of life cycles and advancing into the domains of maturity which seems to be happening at a different pace in each individual with no exemptions made to full time students.

Relatively, the decline of the American education cannot be solely based on the students alone, part time or full time, because bigger consideration shall be taken into the kind of curriculum that was created by the University in partnership with the Department of Education presented to us for the taking. They alone have the authority to know the technicality to prove probable strengths and weaknesses of the course and what it could produce to a student like me. It is simply formation guide to education. They are solely responsible for what molds our minds and spirits to sustain nationwide progress and development.

We are just selecting from their list which path or place in their coursework and designs of progress we forecast to place ourselves. I agree that sometimes students could be so tired from work that they have the tendency to take their studies for granted and go to rest instead of studying. But I also insist on the fair ability of the students who have the initiative to learn how to cope up with stress and exhibit flexibility with regards to health, time management, and assessment of priorities which I have already discussed earlier.

It is the determination of the individual to succeed and get what he wants in life that our context of preference shall be discussed and not the negative speculation of the present situation. For humans may experience success or failure at any time in his life but still survive because of that spirit of determination. Now if we continue to look into the discussion of the third factor which is the quality assurance issues of the instructor, we can then specify some problems in the management and evaluation of tutor personalities relating to their maturity and flexibility to handle difficulties in tutoring students.

One concept is the type of comments placed on written assignments which reflects tutors integrity and affects the immediate enthusiasm of the students to perform and carry on with the coursework. Another aspect is the applied teaching methodology as implemented by the University directives interfacing with the students as it transform when integrated with the personal reflections and methods of the instructor himself.

Methods and the way teachers relay and convey ideas are something that is personal and shall be exact but not boring. Somehow, personal styles in teaching make it either difficult or easy for the students to comprehend the subject in taking. I sincerely express that motivation and external support plays a vital role in increasing the population of the professionals to sustain national progress and not limited to the inability of the student’s parents to support their education and the student’s option to earn to sustain education.

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