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My Ideal Career

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My ideal career goal is to successfully complete all necessary training to become a proficient source of protection to our nation. My first desires are becoming a part of the U. S. Marshal forces or joining a Crime Scene Investigating team. I am open to various fields throughout the Criminal Justice system as long as I’m making a difference in the everyday lives of others. I chose this path because of my eight year military background involving tours with the Marine Corps and the Army National Guard.

I served fifteen months overseas in Iraq with the Army National Guard where every day was a challenge to restore order. I fed off of the motivation of my fellow troops and my own motivation to make an impact on the lives of the people in Iraq. The careers that have my interest have many similarities that I have been trained on over the years. I chose this profession because I hold a passion for law enforcement and the military close to my heart. In this type of work, a bond forms between co-workers that lasts a lifetime. I am not only motivated to make a difference in the communities, but also motivated to join the ranks of a new family.Every day should be adventurous and my motivation for this type of work will allow me to push above and beyond the call of duty.

Receiving my college education will boost my level of skills and support my military background to help me find work in various specialized fields. Currently my military background would allow me to have a job under Law Enforcement, but having a degree will allow me to move further along in my career to higher positions and more responsibility, which in return leads to making more money. My education in Criminal Justice plus my military background will both be the backbone to a new beginning.

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My Ideal Career

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