Passionate about Medicine: My Family, My Experiences, and My Calling

Last Updated: 30 Mar 2023
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I am very passionate about medicine partly because I grew up in a similar environment for twenty one years. My mother and grandfather practice Medicine back at home. Owing  to  the  principle of  nature  that  we  are  what we repeatedly do, I  got  into  the  habit  of  always working with and helping the  sick at a tender age.

But  to exalt  my  family for the passion without  acknowledging  the  experiences  that  have  shaped  me  would be like noticing the beauty of the rain  but failing to realize that it has  enriched the soil. I remember vividly some time back the friendship and laughter I shared with one Francisca-a 14 year old girl in a high school with children suffering from cerebral palsy, but today as I speak, she is no more.

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I  also  remember  the  good  old  days  when  my  grandfather-one  that  I  love  so  much, was  healthy, energetic, and  full  of  life, but  today  as  days  go  by, he  gradually  becomes  weak, exhausted  and  uncertain  of  what  life  has  in  store  for  him. He  suffers  from  COPD; a  disease  that  takes  your life  over time. It  weakens  the  functioning  of  your  lungs  with  years  until  one  resort s  to  using  different   oxygen  masks  to  breath  through.

These  few  but  life  changing  experiences  fueled  my  drive  to  help  people  in  similar  or  even  worse  situations. My  purpose  of  seeking  for  this  sponsorship  therefore  is  to  enable  me  attain  the  academic requirements  and  skills  that  cut  across  the  board.

It  is  also  on  the   basis of  the  fact  that  United  States  is  far  ahead  with  technological  advancement, a  good market  place  for  doctors  and  hospitals  which  constitute  a  good  market  base  for  enrichment  of  knowledge  and  skill.

Besides  this, I intend  to  practice  in  United  States  with  the  view  of  contributing  to  the  social  and  economic  development  by  helping  the  needy  access  medical care  easily  and  disseminate  information.

As  established  by  various  researches, America  is  rated  as  one  of  the  poor  providers  of  medical  care  as  compared  to  other  developed  states. This  is  because  health  care  in  the  States  is  governed  by  the  free  market  mechanism  where  the  self  interests of individuals  health wise is directed  by  supply  and  demand  principle. This  in  my  view  depicts  that  the  health care  system in the United States to be more  of  a private  affair  where  the  government  plays  a  minimal  role  through  government  assistance  programs.

This in   my view is not sufficient. As  a result, millions  of  Americans  are  missing  out  on  good  health  care  thus  lowering  their  life  expectancy, standard of living, leverage  and so on. It  is  noteworthy that  health care is  one  of  the  fundamental  rights  envisioned  in  the   Universal  Declaration  on  Human  Rights  and  the  American  Constitution- "every  one  is  entitled  to  equal  opportunity" (Dolores la Guardia and Guth, P. H. (2000)., thus the issue should  take  prominence  in  government's  budgetary  allocation.

In  view  of  this  therefore, my  purpose and goal therefore while practicing in America  would  be  to  assist  in  bridging  the  disparity  by  offering  free  consultative  services  and  dissemination  of  information  regarding  good  health  care  practices  in  schools, hospitals  and  organizations  to  enhance  the  living  standards  as  well  as reduction  of  costs  with  regard  to  medical  expenses.

I  am  certain  that  with  the  exposure  in  St  George’s medical school would  give  me  a  wide  range  of  experience  that  cuts  across  the  board  if  given  a  chance.

In  agreement  with the  foregoing, I  will strive  to  work  in  close  connection  with  developing  countries  to  help  eradicate  epidemiological  diseases  through  facilitating  contacts  to  ensure  that  sharing  of  information, skills  and  experience  is  possible. While  dealing  with  the  above consideration  will  be  made  on  social ,political, economic  and  technical  situation  of  the  developing  countries.

The  purpose  of  my  undertaking  would  be  with  the  aim  of  phasing  out  the  deployment  of  expatriates  and  replacing  it  with  partnership  model  so  as  reduce  medical  costs.

I feel strongly that by focusing on the above issues, I will be making my contribution to humanity and giving back to the society. I therefore request that you consider my application for a sponsorship as this will go a long way in assisting me to realize my professional objectives of making the world a better place.


Dolores la Guardia and Guth, P. H. (2000). American Voices, Culture and Community.

Toronto. Mayfield Publishing Co.

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