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My First Pocket Money

I had never felt so good in my life. I earned my first pocket money when I was in high school. During school holidays, many students preferred to stay at home or go on holidays, but I wished to experience the school holidays differently this time.

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As soon as the school holidays started, I began to look for a part-time job. The first day of the holiday, I went to grocery stores and malls to look for a job. I saw a lot of places that wanted to hire part-time sales associates, and I decided to go into a clothing store.

The store assistant gave me an application form to fill out. After I completed the application, the store supervisor came in and asked me some questions while she was checking my application. Unfortunately, she immediately declined my application because I was a student. I went to other stores and tried my best to get a job, but every time my application was rejected. I went home feeling disappointed. The next day, I went to the mall located not far away from my house. I asked about part-time jobs store after store.

Finally, I found a restaurant hiring part-time workers for the coming Friday. The restaurant owner was so nice and friendly even knowing I was a student. She told me that she would interview me in 10 minutes. Then she called me go into her office and asked me some basic questions about my education, skills, and availability. She also asked a couple of personal questions about my family and the reason I was looking for a job. After I answered all her questions, she decided to hire me. I was so happy, and before leaving the restaurant, I confirmed the time I would report to work.

The following Friday, I arrived at the restaurant thirty minutes earlier. The restaurant owner felt so happy and welcomed me with a smile. After a short meeting with the staff, we began to set up tables, chairs, and decorated for the wedding party. As soon as the wedding party began, I got very busy serving drinks and food to the guests. Some of the guests keep on asking for new plates or new cups, so I needed to walk to the store room many times. After the wedding party ended, we cleaned up tables and helped the other staff who were cleaning the floor and kitchen.

Before I went home, the owner paid me fifty dollars. She was very happy with my performance at work. I went home with my first earned pocket money and felt happy. Even though my first part-time job made me tired, I enjoyed it because of the nice boss. I was disappointed in the beginning because my job application was rejected many times, but I did not give up. Finally, I was hired and worked hard as a waitress. This job was only a one-time event for a wedding, but I gained a lot of experience.