Bourgeoisie & money

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The pictures represent the emotion of the people. Not only are they struggling to maintain what they have and who they are - they are still seeking. In their eyes they are looking for a way - a way forward - or a way out of their situation. The images reflect that control the Bourgeoisie had over the working class. They controlled the money and the industry. Those who did the labor to make the production levels - received very little reward for their efforts. Neither monetarily or in satisfaction of what they were doing. This is reflected in many of these pictures.

A person in the industrial working class often lived a life of want. Never having enough income or wealth to move out of the social class they were in. Resentment was a common emotion towards the Bourgeoisie from the industrial working class. This emotion is what Marxism used to build a movement around, The working class felt there was nothing they could do to get up to the next level of what they perceived as social classification. The latter nineteenth century gave birth to a generation who was resentful of where they were at in social class.

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A generation who wanted more than the Bourgeoisie were willing to part with. The Bourgeoisie had control - and were very protective of the control they enjoyed. The working class was hoping for a way out of their situation - they wanted more control and more freedom that increased control and wealth could give them. The pictures identify clearly the emotion of this segment of society - and the yearning for something different. There are no answers in their eyes, only questions and confusion. The answers and clarity they were seeking was still a generation away.

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