She Touched the Little Box in Her Pocket and Smiled

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She touched the little box in her pocket and smiled…… Anne was playing all by her self as usual. Nobody bothered to play with her, for she was poor, so no one knew about her imaginative personality. Anne was used to it. she was roaming around the school alone when she caught the sight of something shining. She ran to it-it was a little golden box with some carvings on it. She picked it up, trying to imagine what there was inside….. an alien? Maybe some money… or chocolates?

Or better still… a tiny alien that would grow and grow and begin to eat people! Anne put the box into her pocket. She decided to keep her little secret to herself; to open the school after school. after a boring history lesson, the final bell rang. Anne rushed home and locked herself in her room. She took out the box. She was afraid to open it, though. What if it had a bomb in it? She finally summoned all her courage to open it when she was disturbed b a soft knock on her door. It was her mother. Anne please come and lay the table for tea, because I’m tired and my head feels hot, “ she said Anne groaned and thought it would not make a difference if she did not do it. They did not have enough to buy food, anyway, so it was just biscuits and tea. She was impatient to open her box. But she went down and laid the table, and waited for her father, a poor tailor, to come back home.

When he came, he sat down immediately, exhausted from walking. He opened his newspaper and began sipping his tea. A jewelry case, belonging to Mr. mason, containing a diamond ring, was lost on her way home. Whoever returns it will get a reward,” he read aloud Anne opened the box that night. The next day, Anne went to school skipping. Her class had to write essays. She chose the topic “if I were a millionaire” to write on. The other children laughed at it. “you? A millionaire? ” they asked She touched the little box her pocket and smiled. It was Mr. Mason’s jewelry case with the ring inside

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