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American History Analysis Essay Sample

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There are many ways America is moving towards security. Some people argue that it is moving towards freedom rather than security. It may be true that while we move more in the path of one. We may receive or have taken from us certain freedoms. America needs freedom as well as security to thrive. What one will it value more as America continues?

America was founded on freedom and the liberties that we had to fight for during the Revolutionary War. A lot has changed since then. So it's common sense that we'd have to give up a few things here and there in order to keep the country going. Now that we are in the 21st century there are many different threats we have to face. Diseases and other health risks are not always as fatal, thanks to our technology and health advancements. We still have to face wars and violent threats to the country as they did then, but we have more technology and information.

American laws have been changing since the beginning which is important and smart. The country has been changing since it first stepped foot on which means laws around it must change too. As America grows so do certain risks and dangers around us. We have to take certain precautions to keep our country safe by changing laws and regulations. By changing these laws, we can gain and lose freedoms. Such as concealed carry, we have the freedom to bear arms and might protect ourselves and other with a weapon. It is also a danger to others if someone who has this permit and opens fire upon others. Shouldn't they then be prosecuted and lose that freedom that they choose to take advantage of?

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Immigration is something America has always been a part of. America was made by immigrants. Due to security threats and terrorists, it has become harder for people to migrate to the US. America should definitely be safer and secure, but we should also be able to welcome new people to this country. Thousands of people come here every year. They immigrate for many things, such as safety for them and their family, religious freedom, the freedom to be themselves. There are many other places they could go but yet they choose the US. We should be able to warmly welcome them after how much they could have gone through to get here. If they are reviewed and not seen as a threat to us why not let them become part of our country.

The American people should have their right to privacy. Sure some of the reason our online activity may be monitored is to keep violent threats and attacks at bay. Still, privacy should be something we all have. Not radios or smartphones that record what we're saying, track our moves and gather information on us. It seems they are trying to get to know the people beyond what they need. They say it’s just advancements in technology, but is that all it really is? Could it be more than evolving technology? Felix Krause described that apps like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram could do the following. Record you at any time while the app is in the foreground and take pictures and videos without you knowing. They can also run real-time facial recognition to detect facial features and expression. Government security agencies can also have access to your device through inbuilt backdoors. That means they can tune into your phone calls, read your messages, capture pictures of you, read your emails, and steal your files at any moment they please. That sound like a very incognito way to do research and gather information. Isn't that considered an invasion of privacy? If they are taking our personal information and pictures without our consent, or even knowing about it?

America needs to balance both security and freedom. One without the other would be a chaotic mess. Freedom without security, a world run by disaster. Security without freedom, a world run by fear.

American History Analysis Essay Sample essay

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