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The film 'Sin City ' directed by three manager that is Frank Miller, Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino. Frank Miller was born in the twelvemonth of 1957 January 27 in Olney, Maryland. He is a amusing book author and besides an creative person. He is a celebrated dark movie manager and cartoon strips author. Fictional characters and films that created by Frank Miller is 'Sin City ' , 'Elektra ' and 'Martha Washington ' . Robert Rodriguez was born in the twelvemonth 1968 June 20. He is an American Film manager and besides a instrumentalist for his films. Ever after his male parent bought him the first VCRs, he start to acquire interested with movie devising. Quentin Tarantino was born in the twelvemonth of 1963 March 27. He is a movie manager who utilizes nonlinear plot line and love to direct violent films. He won an Academy Award for his interesting movie. The chief subject of this film 'Sin City ' is about violent violent death in the City.

In this Sin City film, there are several parts of killing scene that deliver violent actions. The first portion killing scene is on top of the penthouse, a smart handsome cat have oning a suit offering a coffin nail to a beautiful lady have oning a ruddy dinner frock. In a minute subsequently, the cat shoots her and holds her stopping point in his arm until she is gone. The 2nd killing scene happens in the warehouse country. Hartigan is a police officer who wanted to salvage an 11 old ages old miss name Nancy which caught by a kid slayer name Roark. Somehow Hartigan is stop by his spouse Bob as because Bob do n't desire to acquire himself kill. Hartigan is being shoot by his spouse Bob as he 's the informer. Nancy lay on Hartigan laps and he knows she 'll be safe. The 3rd killing scene happens to Goldie, lover of Marv who is found decease the following forenoon beside him. Marv wanted a retaliation on the individual who kills Goldie but he is stop by Lucille, which is his parole officer. Surprisingly, Marv is being attack by a miss which looks likewise as Goldie. Marv hunt for Roark household farm a immature adult male name Kevin which is the individual who kills Goldie. Marv squad up with Wendy to pay a retaliation for Goldie. He is charge for killing Kevin and central. At last, he is sentence to decease in an electric chair. The 4th scene happens in Shellie flat, where she brings her new fellow Dwight back place. Jackie Boy with all his pack who ever abuse cocotte and they did a batch of offense in Old Basin City. Dwight gives him a lesson by diping his caput into the lavatory bowl. Dwight warns Jackie Boy non to trouble oneself Shellie once more or else he 'll acquire it from him. Dwight kills Jackie Boy and his pack and inquire why Shellie scared of him.

Frank Miller is a manager and besides a comedian 's author for narrative books. This film 'Sin City ' delivers batch of violent scene every bit good as the film 'The Spirit ' . As we can see that Frank Miller love to happen those sexy hot ladies like Jessica Elba, Jaime King and another celebrated male histrion Bruce Willis. In the film 'The Spirit ' show the same as Frank Miller take sexy hot ladies once more like Sand Saref, Lorerei Rox and Silken Floss. Those ladies actor are immature, sexy and really good in their playing. Jessica can dance sexily on the phase in the film of 'Sin City ' but in the other side of her ; she can move so professionally in the film of 'Fantastic 4 ' by salvaging people utilizing her ice power. Besides that, Bruce Willis is besides a celebrated male histrion in 'Sin City ' . He willing to scarify and protect for an 11 old ages old miss. After old ages subsequently, the grown up girl Nancy autumn for him as he plays a really good adult male by salvaging her in that film. The similarities of both films are Frank Miller utilizes the same manner of background colour for these two films. 'Sin City ' contains merely a small colour for few of the peculiar objects and the others are all back and gray colour for the whole film. Lapp goes to the film 'The Spirit ' , merely few scenes contain colour and the others are black and gray. As we can see, these two films use the same manner of background and the subject is somewhat same. Both films deliver violent actions about killing. The authorship of this film 'Sin City ' is different signifier 'The Spirit ' as 'Sin City ' contain of several parts killing scene and is non connected to each other. The lighting of this film is really crisp. Although the film is full with black and gray somehow we can still see the characters and edifices clearly. This show they made a really good lighting work on the movie. Furthermore, the soundtrack of 'Sin City ' that composed by Robert Rodriguez was antic. It matches the scene and motion in this movie. Every scene has own music background to do it interesting.

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As a decision, the subject of this film that deliver violent may convey harmful influence to the childs. Somehow I think that the manner of killing in this film is excessively unsmooth and may take the childs to larn. In add-on, the colour of this film is really dull particularly for childs and adolescents as we get attracted to films that are colourful. The mark audience that will watch this film may be in the scope of 40 to 50 old ages adult. I love Jessica Alba in 'Sin City ' because of her amorousness and of class for her playing. She kisses Bruce Willis, a adult male that can be his male parent so emotionally in the film playing. This show how success is she to be a celebrated and gifted actress. Bruce Willis would be my favourite excessively ; he is a mature and steady adult male who can move really good in movie. What I enjoy the most in this film is when the xanthous asshole is being kills by Bruce Willis. Although is really disgustful, but it looks existent and I 've ne'er seen this type of films before. Yellow blood dividing about, it truly show something different from what we ever watch. They show everything included coarse actions that most of the films sensor it.

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