Mentioning The Shared Mission Of Customer Service

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Some of the information he knows off the top of his head and other information he has to search for the correct response before he answers the customer question. He states this when he makes te comment about his favorite customer questions is the ones he have to do deep research for. Factor 2, Supervisory Controls Level 2-5 650 points. The supervisor provides administrative direction with assignment in terms of broadly defined mission or function. The employee has responsibility for independently planning, designing, and carrying out programs, projects, studies or other work.

The reason why I picked Level 2-5 is because Mr. Ryans supervisor is never mentioned. The general mission of giving customer service is mention. Mr. Ryans explain how he handles his day , he independently planed, designed, and carried out programs, projects, studies or other work. He does not deal with his supervisor on a consistent basis throughout the day. Factor 3 Guidelines Level 3-1 25 points. Specific, detailed guidelines covering all important aspects of the assignment are provided to the employee.

The employee works in strict adherence to the guideline; deviations must be authorized by the supervisor. The reason why I choose Level 3-1 is because Mr. Ryan refers to policy and procedure several times in the case. There are obviously guideline he must follow when it comes to his work. Whether it be the 24 hours the company has to reply to a customer’s email or, the guidelines for handling a dispute. These guideline have been set for MR. Ryan and his colleagues to follow so the know how to handle the customer and their situation properly.

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Factor 4, Complexity Level 4-2 75 points. The work consists of duties that involve related steps, processes, or methods. The decision regarding what needs to be done involves various choices that require the employee to recognize the existence of and difference among a few easily recognizable situations. Actions to be taken or responses to be made differ in such things as the source of information the kind of transaction or entries, or other difference of a factual nature. The reason why I chose Leve; 4-2 is because Mr.

Ryans work is semi repetitive, like he stated he may not get the same question 50 times in a row but his question do repeat themselves every couple of emails. The only factors that differ are” sources of information the kind of transaction or entries, or other difference of a factual nature” other then those factors the questions are “easily recognizable situations” Factor 5 Scope and Effect Level 5-2 75 points The work involves the execution of specific rules, regulations, or procedure and typically comprises a complete segment of an assignment or project of broader scope.

The work product or service affects the accuracy, reliability , or acceptability of further processes. I choose level 5-2 because Mr. Ryan job is to handle the customer service aspect of Half. com. He executes specific rules, regulation and procedures to complete the service for half. com. His customer service position is often in the middle of customers having a pleasant experience with half. com and continuing to shop from their website or it can make the customer experience worst and the customer can decided to never use their services again. Factor 6 Personal Contacts

Level 6-1 10 points . The personal contacts are with employees within the immediate organization, office , project, or work unit, and in related or support units. Beside dealing with the customers, Mr. Ryan mostly deal with the different department that handle customer issues. In one of the paragraphs Mr. Ryan explains how he had to get in touch with Matt Walsh who is in charge of fixing catalog errors. This is the only time he speaks about contacting someone other than his buyers or sellers, and the person he contacted was in his immediate organization.

Factor 7 Purpose of Contacts Level 7-1 20 points. The purpose is to obtain, clarify or give facts or information regardless of the nature of those facts. Mr. Ryan may contact other department to obtain information for his customer service issues. The issues can range from easily understood to highly technical and the information obtained is to answer his customer questions that they emailed in. Factor 8 Physical Demands Level 8-1 5points. The work is sedentary. Typically, the employee sits comfortably to do the work. We know this is a fact about Mr.

Ryans job because he talks about how sitting down all day bother some people but it doesn’t bother him because he works out after work. Factor 9, Work Environment. Level 9-1 5 Points The environment involves everyday risk or discomforts that require normal safety precautions typical of such places as offices, meeting and training rooms, libraries, residence, or commercial vehicles. We already know that Mr. Ryans work in an office sitting at a cubicle. His environment involves everyday risk or discomforts that require normal safety precautions. Total points 2115 GS Grade 10

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