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Inspired Pursuits: Rosemin Manji, Founder, RR & Co. Bespoke Luxury Management

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MENA's creative entrepreneurs talk on what it's like to turn a passion project into a business venture, and share their insights for pursuing creative ambitions in the MENA region. 

Having worked in the fashion industry for more than 17 years, ’s influence in the sector shouldn’t be measured based off just her social media presence- the founder of has worked with the likes of Tom Ford, Burberry and Gucci over the course of her career, and her efforts at building personal relationships with these brands and designers then have certainly contributed to her success today. And even as the nature of the region’s luxury sector changed, Manji smartly set herself to be one step ahead of these trends- and made herself a force to reckon with in the

Q: As someone who’s been repeatedly lauded as a prolific digital media influencer in the region, how do you go about maintaining your presence?

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Inspired Pursuits: Rosemin Manji, Founder, RR & Co. Bespoke Luxury Management

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“There is no doubt that is impactful. I think where brands make an error is choosing ‘influencers’ by numbers and not by quality. It’s better to be associated with a celebrity/influencer that naturally fits the brand’s aesthetics and values, than someone for the numbers only. Honestly, readers and followers are intelligent to know what’s real and what’s just a paid post. I also believe that the influencer has to personify the brand on and offline. That’s a true brand ambassador. I get a lot of offers to endorse brands and products, but I say no more often than yes because like everything in the world, it has its ups and downs, and right now, there is a surge in social media, but I strongly believe by maintaining integrity is what will stay true and last. I think about the long term.”


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