Memorable Movements

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The enjoyable event I would like to talk here is the spring outing activity that happened on my middle school stage. At that time, my classmates and me were most about twelve or thirteen years old, not more than fourteen. We had our spring outing on one sunny saturday. Accompanyed by laughters and singings, we marched towards our destination on bikes. The destination was located on a foot of a mountain, where there were a lot of tall trees and a river pass by. We caught several fishes from the river, and picked up some branches from the small grove.

Besides that, we also constructed oursleves cooking stove. There were so many joyful things happening, that I can not tell you all of them. One thing I remember deeply is the simple noodle cooking. Several classmates with me took charge of cooking noodle; unfortunately, we are all not good cooks at that age, we even do not know the correct order to cook a bowl of noodle. So we put all the vegetables and noodles as well as some beefs into the water together before it boiled. After that we also try to stir it just like our parents did at home.

When all our work finished, our classmates began to enjoy our food. Can you imagine the scene, green noodles,over-fried fishes, luckily, the taste were not bad, even we could say fairly tasty. Apart from that, we still had some sweet potatoes being well cooked. All of the food were eaten out quickly, including our green noodles. Even nowadays when I cook noodles it will remind me of this spring outing, I think the reason why I remember it deeply is probably it is the first time I cooked food, while it received an unexpected welcome.

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Moreover, personally, I believe the green noodles are quite attractive visually. I enjoy my time at school greatly, there are my best friends, my lovely teachers, and interesting knowlege. Each holiday I can not help expecting the coming of the new semester. I would be willing to introudce it to others, as it indeed is a good place for studing and living. In fact, it is so famous and popular in our local area that almost everyone knows it and eagers to be admitted by it without any others' recommendation. Nowadays, the competition to enter it is more ane more intense.

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