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Memorable Event

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Memorable event Life is full of unexpected events that leave a glimpse of lingering within a person’s heart; it could be unforgettable history, unpredictable present, or mystery future. No matter what will happen, everything will eventually have an effect which will remain forever or dissolve in their memory. When remembering an event, people tend to reflect about their past instead of heartbreaking events. Notwithstanding, several incidents such as my aunt passing away, my mother’s health, and my friend Diego, both tragically and glamorous, influenced me as the most remarkable event thus far within my life.

Several weeks ago, I received news from Vietnam that instantly astounded me. My aunt had her last breath and departed from this world. My aunt was a drug addict; although, she always taught me moral values of life and how to be a responsible adult. Since I acknowledge this world, she was a charismatic model for me to pursue while I was still a young, immature kid. Nevertheless, I had changed over the years and wasted my time with others on the streets without realizing the significance of education.

Fortunately, she had not abandoned me; she took herself as a demonstration for the consequence of being a drug user and how she’s regretted being in jail without seeing her father the last time. It was her, who convinced me to be a conscientious person again. When I migrated to the U. S. , I had a promise that I would continue my education, no matter how complicated it can be. Comparatively to my aunt’s news, my mother’s health condition turned worse; however, she managed to continue to work on her job due to an explicit fact that if she had no stable finance, she would not able to pay her monthly rent and utilities.

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Memorable Event

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More importantly, my brothers and I will not able to concentrate on our education. Not long ago, I looked back at my mother, she had changed a lot. Her grayish hair had frightened me. I was apprehensive that her heart condition would seize her from me. Instead of being petrified for herself, she generously smiled and comforted me with the idea of “being optimistic” in life. Albeit, her difficulty seemed to improve a little, I always used this event as a reminder to myself that I have to be stronger to protect my mother in the future.

Meanwhile, my encounter with Diego last year in Alhambra High School was a convivial occasion. Initially, due to a dissimilar language I became anti-social when it came to speaking. Over the years, I preferred working alone no matter what project I had in class until collaboration with Diego. We worked on a presentation for my Gifted class where we had to spend time together in the library to complete the project. With the purpose to strive for the best, both of us displayed our skills and comprehended the project’s purpose thoroughly. We achieved an excellent score in class which made me really glad.

Diego was the first one to teach me the significance to interconnect with friends which would improve on my communicative skills when it came to discussion. After getting to know Diego, I transformed into an outgoing person and allowed myself to work with others. Even though these events happened in the past, it left an impact deeply within me. Each confrontation taught me to be more mature, unyielding toward difficulties, and working together with friends. I believed regarding to what will occur in the future; I would never forget these moments that had alternated me into a mature teenager.

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