My Most Memorable Expeirence

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My Most Memorable Experience My most memorable experience would have to be the first time I stepped into a dance studio. I recall walking into an old musty room I could smell the sweat from afar. The dance teacher was repeating words that would forever stay with me for years to come. Five, six, seven, eight! The teacher stood in the center of the room clapping her delicate hands to the rhythm of the drum. As I stood there I was transformed. I started to perspire with excitement.

I could see the dancers their aces full of intensity stomping to the rhythm of the drum. I knew at that moment that I was soon going to be part of that group. My body began to prepare Itself for the intensity of my first class, that would forever be part of my life. Folkloric dance was soon to become part of my life. I quietly sat down and began to stretch my muscles to prepare for my class. I could see skirts of many vibrant colors twirling and spinning making beautiful designs in the air. I stepped into my folkloric shoes. These shoes are especially made for this type of dance.

They have nails on the tip of he shoe and on the heal, this enables the dancer to make sounds that are different from those used in tap shoes or flamenco shoes. These shoes are hard to find, they are usually ordered from cities like Quadrangular, or Mexico. I Joined the other dancers their faces full of passion and Intensity. They were already producing beautiful "cooperated", Toe heal flat, toe, heal flat. I began to move my feet to rhythm of the beat. That I was soon going to be part of that group. My body began to prepare itself for the their faces full of passion and intensity. They were already producing beautiful

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