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Media Review: On Climate Change

Even before the post-contemporary period, various environmental problems have been detected as one of the principal factors that affect the change on the way of life all over the world. It is for the reason that environment serves as the prime setting wherein people do their thing and improve their way of living.

Climate change has been one of the factors that people consider in performing their daily tasks and endeavors.

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It has significantly seen as something that changes the outline of the world and civilizations, geographically and sociologically wise.

Global Warming is not a new issue. Global warming is the primary cause of sudden climate change that tends to make the climate hotter (Tyagi). The greenhouse gases are trapped in the atmosphere which makes the increase in temperature. This effects of this phenomenon are severe such that all regions of are feeling and witnessing them. The melting of the ice caps of the Polar Regions is one of its effects likewise, drought and intense heat (Tyagi).

These effects have also bad effects on mankind’s daily activities. Vegetations and agriculture have been sternly affected by climate change. Various diseases that are triggered from having a very high temperature are also detected to debilitate the health of the people (Tyagi). These are just some of the ill-effects of untoward climate change.

Nevertheless, such detrimental effects of extreme climate change could be treated and even prevented from impairing the world and the mankind. By being aware and involved on campaigns and programs that tend to rehabilitate the environment, one could really be assured that the problem on climate change could be addressed if not instantly at least gradually. Lastly, environmental issues should not be used for selfish interests and political propaganda. No matter how perfect the economy and the politics of one country if the environment is at risk, all the things that it has would disappear if environment problems would not be addressed and given priority.

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