Contributions of Carbon Dioxide Removal as Geoengineering Solution to Climate Change

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Contributions of Carbon Dioxide Removal as Geoengineering Solution to Climate Change


Climate Change

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I will hold an overview and a speedy treatment on clime alteration as an debut for the paper.

Geoengineering Technologies

When it comes to environmental direction you can non acquire any longer banal today than a focal point on clime alteration, nevertheless, I wish to undertake this subject in a alone manner. While I plan on discoursing green engineering and C caps, the chief focal point of my paper will be on clime technology besides known as geoengineering. Geoengineering, in my sentiment, is frequently a forbidden subject as many see human accommodation of the natural order to be avoided at all cost. I feel this to be a subset of the realistic false belief. The fact of the affair is that if worlds expect to stabilise the clime, they need to take a more active function on it.

Geongineering engineerings chief end is

Geoengineering engineerings fall under two classs: ( 1 ) Carbon Dioxide Removal ( CDR ) which `` reference warming effects of nursery gases by taking C dioxide from the ambiance '' ; and ( 2 ) Solar Radiation Management ( SRM ) which, on the other manus, `` address clime alteration by increasing the coefficient of reflection of the Earth 's ambiance or surface” ( Bracmort, K. , & A ; Lattanzio, R.K. , 2013 ) . Such illustrations of CDR are carbon gaining control and segregation ( CCS ) , ocean fertilisation, enhanced weathering, and afforestation while illustrations of SRM are aerosol injection and space-based reflectors.

While SRM methods purpose to cut down sunshine being absorbed by our ambiance, CDR methods work to take nursery gases from the ambiance or pin down it before even making the ambiance.

Solar Radiation Management

if to be cardinal manner of extenuating milliliter, utmost temperature displacements as a effect

best deployed with other policies

merely needed for utmost high clime sensitiveness

cheap, fast, imperfect, but non proven.

Warm really rapidly

alterations may change precipitation forms

saving of nursery gases other than co2 -less sum of uv radiation striking which might widen atmospheric life-time of ghg other than carbon dioxides

recreation from more lasting solns

unknown effects of large-scale geoengg

Enhanced Albedo

Features.Increase coefficient of reflection or reflective power of certain surfaces to direct more solar radiation back to the infinite. Limit temp addition.

Targets are urban countries

painting roofs and paved countries white with estimated monetary value of several billion dollars, but save money on energy costs

Drawbacks may include uncomfortable blaze, concern for aesthetic entreaty of roof or paved country, loss of coefficient of reflection if unmaintained, addition in energy costs in colder climes due to cut down good winter clip heat additions, diminution in the usage of asphalt, a crude oil residue.

Other techniques include modify workss thru familial engg to augment reflective power. Will take a decennary to be avaiable.

Covering oceans with brooding surfaces to heighten reflective power. Impact in aquatic life?

Cloud lightening. Dispersion of cloud-condensation karyon in clouds on continual footing. Satellites will mensurate cloud reflective power and determine sum of chilling needed. Could be halted rapidly and clouds could return to normal in a few yearss

- long term deductions non yet known. Marine could be disturbed.

Current position of the engineering.Surface types, application countries and costs under probe.

USDOE NNSA reported lessening in edifice heat and chilling costs by around 70 % yearly on reroofed parts.

Long term deductions non yet known. May disturb Marine wildlife.. ocean currents, precipitation forms

sum of chilling needed and where.. research needed

west seashore of North America could be...

Aerosol Injection

Features.Under certain fortunes, usage of SRM techniques may take to ozone depletion.

Dispersal of aerosols, such as H sulphide or sulfir dioxide in stratosphere to reflect solar radiation.

Annual cost several billion of dollars depending on sum location typr of atoms injected

seeks to copy big volcanic eruptions, cut down planetary temperatures

S release are random with chilling impacts.

It have to happen several times over decennaries or centuries to countervail radiative forcing by ghg

short effectivity

possible benefit: reduced or reversed sea and land ice runing, every bit long as aersols dont settle on or darken snow and ice

hazards could be drought in Africa and Asia – loss in agricultural productiveness, ghg impact from transporting aersol to site of injection, stratopheric ozone depletion, weakening of sunshine for solar power, less bluish sky, obstructor of Earth-based optical uranology.

Current position of the engineering.No testing yet.

Space-based Reflectors

Features.Shields in infinite to cut down sum of incoming solar radiation

Effectiveness of shield vary on design, stuff, location, measure and care

types suggested are lunar glass, aluminium yarn gauze, metallic reflecting gumshoes, refracting discs

Proposed locations: low Earth orbit and Lagrange point 1 ( L1 ) four times further from Earth than the Moon

Current position of the engineering.Theoretical Proposal. Requires extra survey to measure shield costs, execution ( transit, care demands, shield disposal ) ecological impacts

Global or regional degree?

A Shield to to the full change by reversal planetary heating May costs a few trillion dollars, implemented over 25 old ages

Carbon Dioxide Removal

Carbon Capture and Sequestration


Current position of the engineering.


Features.Afforestation is fundamentally seting of trees or tree seedlings. It is considered one of the safest manner to battle clime alteration.

Restoration of wildlife and reduces the rate of eroding

Current position of the engineering.

Ocean Fertilization

Features.Besides called Fe fertilisation, it is one of the oldest geoenginering engineering to battle clime alteration. The chief end is to straight or indirectly put Fe in to the deeps of the ocean to temporarily hive away C where it can non be exchanged with the ambiance.

Stimulate phytoplankton growing by 30 % - 3 oceans

Procedure involved in biological production, decomposition, and alimentary cycling in the unfastened ocean ( cite, day of the month ) .

1. Air and sea exchange C dioxide.

2. Phytoplanktons take up C dioxide to turn.

3. Zookplanktons and phytoplanktons respire C dioxide.

4. Fragments of disintegrating phytoplanktons and faecal pellets from zooplanktons both contain C.

5. Individually or in aggressions, called Marine snow, these carbon-containing atoms sink.

6. Merely 5 to 50 % of the entire C from bloom reaches 100 metres. About 2 to 25 % sinks between 100 to 500 metres.

7. Microbes decompose atoms further. Zooplanktons eat some of this stuff.

8. Possibly merely 1 to 15 % of the original C in surface Waterss sinks below 500 metres.

9. Carbon dioxide from organic affair respiration recirculates back to surface Waterss.

10. Zooplankton migrate up at dark to feed and endorse to the deepnesss during the twenty-four hours.

Current position of the engineering.

Merely two experiments conducted til 2007 to describe in 2nd stage.

Efficiency of phytoplankton to sequester C is low.

-- makikita natin yun SA procedures explained above.

Enhanced Weathering

Features.Weathering/disintegration of silicate and carbonate stones to take carbon dioxide.

Current position of the engineering.


The Future of Carbon Dioxide Removal

Recent Developments

Costss and Economic Potential

Some can be done with merely a comparatively little sum of money and you can see fiscal payback...

The two cheapest geoengineering engineerings are afforestation and aerosols. The former is safe but it merely has limited effectiveness and will wait for at least 20 old ages to cognize its effects on clime alteration. The latter is what they call the ideal method because it is really effectual and inexpensive at the same clip. However, it can besides present unwanted side effects, therefore, has high degree of uncertainness.

Environmental Risks and Restrictions

Every thing has a hazard of its ain. If miscalculated, these geoengineering engineerings may present some great impact to the environment, may hold negative effects, and/or may be deemed uneffective. It may non be avoided since there are besides external factors like natural alterations, catastrophes, and even alterations in carnal behaviour. The lone inquiry is, is this the hazard we are willing to take?



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Tables and Figures

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