Marketing Strategy and Objectives

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For starters, the video game industry is a very lucrative business proliferating a bevy of billion dollar business. The majority of the video game industry's market is currently overwhelmed by Sony's Playstation and Microsoft's Xbox. Erstwhile video game mogul, Nintendo, is more than aware the market niche etched by these two industry giants. This is the base of the foundation of the marketing strategy for Nintendo Wii lies. From a strategic viewpoint, Nintendo has applied the Blue Ocean strategy.

The Blue Ocean strategy is a systematic business marketing strategy that makes the competition irrelevant, striking from a parallel angle in order to increase market shares for a new product or brand. This is seen on how Nintendo has made Wii more than a video game console. As we know, Sony's Playstation and Microsoft's Xbox consoles have distinct similarities. Playstation owns a larger chunk of market share compared to the Xbox due to the reason that Microsoft has made the Xbox a mere clone of the Playstation or so they claimed a better video game console compared to the Playstation.

A notion that has been debated on why Microsoft can't overwhelm the lion's share of the entirety of the video game industry that Sony has been perpetually sustaining. Enter the Wii console, the fresh heads at Nintendo intends to change the scenery with its new video game console through its unique and innovative gameplay. At first glance, the Nintendo Wii is the conventional video game console with a controller and some games. However, the Nintendo Wii is more than the usual video game console.

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With its motion sensitive controls during gameplay, the Wii promises to be a hit among gaming enthusiasts, as well as non-gaming fanatics. Nintendo Wii's claim to fame is its motion sensitive controls, which allows a more real-time interactive experience during game play. From the looks of it, The Wii easily falls on the video game console category, but it has proven that its more than a mere video console with its bevy of functions. Nintendo has ensured that it will be more than a video game console by installing features like news reports, weather updates, and shopping channels through its internet-powered Wii channels.

This suggests that Nintendo doesn't intend to compete with Sony and Microsoft in a deliberate manner in order to gain significant market share. It should be noted that Nintendo places itsself on a consumer's shoes in order to proliferate the product. Nintendo builds itself from the consumer's perpective in terms of gameplay (Osterwalder, 2007). Nintendo is smiling on the notion that it entices gaming enthusiasts while it does not instigate deliberate competition with Sony and Microsoft.

Thus, there are two primary points on how Nintendo markets the Wii: (1) If you know how to make card games, you can play Wii. Its game control is more natural than which of its competitors (Osterwalder, 2007). (2) Nintendo games such as Brain Age are not only fun to play, but also they can exercise your mind and help to improve brain functioning (Osterwalder, 2007). Pricing Strategies Nintendo has toppled Sony and Microsoft in video game tussles. They didn’t indulged into head-on fights and try to build an all purpose entertainment machine (a. k. a.

personal computer); instead they built what most people want when they think gaming consoles: a gaming machine at a cheaper and more affordable price. Nintendo knew they were going to reduce the prices in the near future, so that they would gain even more footing in the battle of gaming consoles. Nintendo has made the Wii cheaper than the Playstation and Xbox in order to proliferate the brand rather than generating revenues. The proliferation of the Wii is a subtle way of promoting and making the product (Rochili, 2006).


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