The differences between goals and objectives

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When clearly defined, goals and objectives can be used as major management strategies which in turn lead to the success of an organization. It is important to note that the differences between goals and objectives have important practical meanings. Hence, this paper will briefly explain the differences between these two from the strategic management point of view. Differences between a goal and an objective Goals are extensive while objectives tend to be narrow. This means that having set important goals, one may move on to objectives as they are more of sub goals.

In other words, achieving any set goal will require one to formulate a number of questions that will enable one reach their goals in any project. Therefore, these questions make up the objectives which are specific and narrow and which also act as a milestone that aids in achieving a set goal. Thus, goals can be differentiated from objectives as they have general intentions with objectives being more defined (Lewis, 1996). In addition, goals can also be differentiated from objectives as they are abstracts with objectives being more concrete.

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This means that goals are more of a summary with objectives bearing more details with regards to the abstracts. As well, the goals will only stipulate where one wants to be with objectives giving the steps needed to get there or actions that will enable one be where they want to be. In turn, from the strategic management point of view, goals end up indeterminate as their intentions cannot be measured with objectives being measurable (Lewis, 1996). Further more, a goal can be said to be intangible while objectives may be tangible.

This means that a goal is something that may be directed towards achieving non measurable tasks with objectives directed towards achieving measurable things. Moreover, the two can also be differentiated as they take different time frames. For instance, goals tend to have longer time frames when compared to objectives. As well, since objectives are more precise and existing under a goal, they are mostly set to achieve certain targets with the time frame being short term (Lewis, 1996).

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