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In addition, they use their vast inventory of travel products to supply other travel agencies, tour operators and other travel businesses and to rower BBC & BIB websites. Green Meadows Travel & Tourism locates in Jordan and it has offices in Amman, Saba, Rabid and in the West Bank, with a 50 employed staff members. The Company is a general sales agent for some of the leading airlines in the region, as well as one of the largest tour operators and hotel reservation wholesalers, it is considered one of the leading tour operators in Jordan and Elevate Region.

Wholesale Module They are representing several International and Regional Airlines such as Air Algeria, Eva Air, Fly Dublin, Oman Air, Syrian Air and Virgin Atlantic in Jordan and sometimes in he region; whom operating together more than 30 genuine flights a week carrying more than 200,000 passenger per year; 30% of it sold in Jordan.

In addition to their first and only BIB online reservation system www. Bookings. Com in the Arab World that have recently launched and is recording daily growth. The system is dynamically interconnected with the most active online reservation companies and hotel chains in the world covering more than 150,000 hotels in more than 700 cities all over the world. Racketing plan of a tourism company By vendetta They are one of the largest retail companies in Jordan with several branches; offering all the travel related services such as but not limited to: Reservations & Ticketing with the entire Airlines of the world Hotels' Reservations in more than 700 cities all over the world Airport Transfers in most of Airports in the world Sightseeing Tours in most of the cities in the world Car Hire in more than 350 locations in the world Events Management and Incentive Groups Packages and Honeymoon Packages Cruises at the most prestigious Cruise ships in the world Meeting and conferences organizations Recently they have launched the first and only online reservation system in Jordan and the entire region www. Safer. Me that allowed all their customers from any place on the world to book and issue their travel services and pay for it by credit cards. The online system is also available on smart phones as a mobile application. In our study, we were aiming to investigate, analyze and understand Green Meadows Travel ; Tourism Marketing Plan: situation analysis, marketing strategy, financial position. However, unfortunately, we were unable to get information about the financial situation of the company as the company's management refused to provide any, and considered it to be confidential information.

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However, we understood that the company is in a sound financial situation, which was shown through the age of the company (18 years), and the airlines and products it represents. It also has a healthy cash flow, since one of its most selling divisions, which is the General Sales Agency for Fly Dublin, has a 100% cash selling policy because of the airline's low cost strategy.

2. Situation Analysis 2. 1 Market Summary The tourism market is split between BIB market (wholesale) and BBC market (retail market) whilst the services included in each are still similar to include flights, hotel, car rental and other booking and reservation services but the iterance stands Witt the margins as wholesalers take better prices and have easier payment procedures than the end users. Read also introduction for online reservation system

However, Green Meadows is trying to understand their customers' needs, through tracking the local market in order to provide them with services that are consistent with their needs to end-up with satisfied customers, which eventually will lead too full loyalty. 2. 1. 1 Market segmentation and the target market Since most of Green Meadows' sales come up from the wholesaling function, they are mainly targeting the agencies that they already represent such as hotels, airline ND car rental agencies. In addition, the Company is also targeting end users such as honeymooners and luxury cruise ships' lovers by dedicating a special department for custom-designing packages that suit all of their clients' wishes.

2. 1. Market Demographics and Geographic: Since Green Meadows serves as a sales agent for many international and regional travel airlines, so it is targeting passengers from all over the world and especially Passengers from the MEAN Region in which it is actually operating, while 30% of its sales are in Jordan, so they are targeting areas covering most of Jordan from North to South. In addition, it is targeting people from different ages and various income levels.

2. 1. 3 Cryptographic: Green Meadows meets the different customer's lifestyles, tastes and wishes in offering customized trips depending on the customer wants, needs and demands and on their levels of income.

2. 1. Consumer Behavioral factors: Due to the difficult economic situation that people are facing these days, customer's income has a major factor in determining their consumption behaviors. In addition, Globalization and each customer taste that differs in the place he likes to visit and he transportation channel he likes to use, plays a major role in creating the best products, services and packages that Green Meadows can offer to serve these customer.

2. 1. 5 Market Needs: Realizing the importance of having everything executed perfectly on a vacation or a honeymoon, the company have dedicated a special department for custom-designing packages that suit all of their clients' and honeymooners' special wishes, and with the sole purpose of creating an unforgettable vacation.

As for those who have a passion for cruising, they represent some of the finest luxury reuse ships in the world that visit hundred ports of call, in some of the world's most breath-taking locations, under the slogan " We will make your cruise experience untargeted 2. 1. 6 Market growth: According to the above figure, Green Meadows can apply two strategies: Market Penetration: by applying this strategy Green Meadows is primarily focusing on increasing its sales by encouraging its current customers to purchase more, through advertisement, new packages and making their products available at more locations, through Travel agents and through its newly established BIB and BBC inline systems.

Product Development: the management is thinking to offer new and more customized products/services that meet the customer needs and demands with reasonable prices. 2. 2 SOOT analysts Strengths Weaknesses Wide range of hotel options (120,000 hotels worldwide) Ownership of system (allows more flexibility in serving clients) and providing custom solutions Strong system (technical) High customer service level Loyal customers Motivated and well educated human resources Having a quality department Wide range of services Low number of employees Not having a dedicated marketing department Not having a clear strategy Not ready for expansion (poor structure of the company) Opportunities Threats Entering the online end users market through master. E (after researching if this is feasible) Global sales in the region due to the long experience Branding Green Meadows better in front of other businesses Empowering new types of tourism (CEO-tourism) Entering new markets and regional expansions (AKA and AAU) Franchising module to cut cost Market penetration in Jordan Political problems in the region Economic conditions in the region Severe competition from international providers

2. Competition According to the new market segments that Green Meadows is recently focusing on which are the honeymooners and cruise ship's lovers, they face different competitors due to the ongoing trend that all travel ; tourism agencies are focusing on nowadays.

2. 3. Competitive Advantages Based on our understanding and analysis, we can see that Green Meadows Company's competitive priorities are:

1 . Reasonable prices.

2. Customized services.

3. Variety in services and functions.

4. Consistent quality.

2. 3. 2 Competitor Analysis Green Meadows close competitors are: Lots of Hotels: Background: Lots of Hotels, a subsidiary of Webbed Australia & New Sealant's largest Online Travel Agency was established in Dublin and London in 2012. As a renowned and significant commercial and travel hub, Dublin was carefully selected as a base to position and jump-start Lots of Hotels with the vision and aim to connect with thousands of travel businesses throughout the Middle East ; Africa..

Recent performance: Entering the Middle East and north Africa Entering London market Strengths: Huge and international presence Competitive pricing Long experience Weaknesses: Not knowing the market very well Poor IT booking system International customer service representatives. (English speaking only) Only in Hotels Receive: The Journey to design travel was start Witt a small but dynamic team, as an outbound tour operator offering short haul destinations. Early in 2001, Travel Designer India started our first outbound consolidation division "Designer Packages" offering Middle East and South East Asia as our main destination to travel partners. Today, Travel Designer India is one of the leading travel organizations in India and a Global Wholesaler selling packages to India, Middle East, Asian and the UK market

Entering the Middle East and north Africa (AKA in 2013, Kuwait and Jordan in 2012, Qatar 2011, I-JAKE 2010 ) Introduced new products Good distribution of offices Powerful Award winning IT systems Poor customer service due to the huge size of the business International support makes it harder to compete with the region International customer service representatives. (English speaking only) Do not have ticketing services Traveling: Traveling is an Online Hotel Wholesaler with head office in London and local offices in Istanbul and Bangkok and representatives in over 10 countries. It is set up by energetic and highly experienced members of the travel industry.

Recent Activity: Entered the market through partnering with some travel agents Strengths: The vast number of partner hotels and direct contracts are what makes Huge number of customers worldwide Number of hotels available Availability of international events Average IT systems Not having a regional office Amount of service in the region Do not have ticketing services All (ALT): ALLAN TRAVEL provides a unique solution for travel agents and end customers worldwide providing them with a powerful online reservation system that integrates tools inventory of key major hotel suppliers plus direct contracted products. Entered the local market regional market Unique offering to some events and locations Low number of destinations compared to other providers Not available physically in the region Here we can notice a competitive edge of Green Meadows compared to other providers, being a full range of services provider with its availability in the region. In addition, being a regional Arabic provider with partners in the region allows Green Meadows to control the regional market more than international markets.

Also all other providers do not know the culture and the language as Green Meadows does which gives Green Meadows the opportunity to easily enter I-JAKE and AKA markets. 2. 3. 3 Keys to success 0 Excellence in fulfilling the promise: Green Meadows intend to offer completely enjoyable, comfortable and informative travel excursions that will ensure that travelers are thoroughly satisfied and appreciative at the end of their trip. 0 Timely response to customers' requests: they cannot afford to delay their clients for whatever reason, as this will have a negative bearing on their image and reputation, including future business. Hence, they need to be continually communicating with the client. Marketing know-how: due to the high competition in the market, there will be a need to aggressively market their business and the services they provide to be continuously at the top of their customers minds. This will also act as a temporary deterrent for companies contemplating entering the market (new entrants). Advertising should be undertaken on a regular basis. 3. Marketing Strategy Green Meadows is focusing on differentiation strategy, customization and variability of products beside its reasonable price. Green Meadows also can serve different segments in the market through providing its consumers with different customized travel packages.

They are highly committed to supreme sales and customer service, thorough effective communications with their principals and customers. 3. 1 Mission Green Meadows mission is to provide the customers with the highest quality travel and tourism services. They exist to attract and maintain customers. 3. 2 Marketing objective: Maintain positive strong, steady growth each quarter. Expand to other markets. Going fully functional on online reservation and ticketing To be recognized as the premier travel and tourism agency in Jordan and the MEAN Region. 3. 3 Financial objectives 1 . An increasing growth rate for each future year. Increasing sales for 2014. Achieving higher growth and higher market share during 2014. 2.

A reduction of fixed overhead through disciplined growth. 3. Continue to decrease the variable costs associated with the production of trips. 3. 4 Positioning Green Meadows continues to provide the market with different quality and prices and customized packages to cover all levels of income, tastes and demand. So Green Meadows positioning is a mix of differentiated and customized products with reasonable prices, high quality travels. Additionally, Green Meadows' competitive edge is customer attention and customer service. Green Meadows aims to provide close personal attention to the clients. This is the level of service expected and it intends to exceed the customers' expectations. 3. Marketing program: The marketing strategy will seek to first create customer awareness regarding their services offered, develop that customer base, and work toward building customer loyalty and referrals. The message that Green Meadows will seek to communicate is that it offers the highest level of service for their customers. The message will be communicated through a variety of methods. Advertising: This shall be undertaken through trade and industry publications, which are read by tourists, as well as the local newspapers. A constant look out will be made of any special editions in the local newspapers, which may provide an opportunity for them to advertise their services and business name.

Personal Selling: Undoubtedly customer solicitation face-to-face will be a powerful form of rumination mainly due to the fact that its flexibility will enable them to match the customer's needs to specific attributes of their services as well as giving concise details of what they have to offer. As such, potential customers/clients will, to a certain degree, be skeptical towards the intended service(s) and how they are able to benefit trot them. Direct Marketing: This will be used but only to a limited extent in the form of telemarketing and informing potential customers and obtaining referrals where possible. In the case of telemarketing, it will involve their targeted potential customers of their services and informing them of their existence and destinations.

They may then arrange for an appointment with the respective decision-maker, with the intention being to lure them into utilizing of their services. Events: These are increasingly becoming important. The organization aims to promote itself through attending trade shows and expositions. Not only will these increase awareness of their services and business name, but also enable them to interact with potential clients who may decide to utilize their service. Internet Marketing: The increasing growth of the Internet as an information source revises an opportunity for the company that they may exploit. This is particularly so in view of the increasing dissemination of information over the World Wide Web, as individuals and groups look at obtaining the best deal possible.

Individuals and groups seek out information over the Internet due to its relatively low cost and ease of use and ability to minimize time wasting. However, this will require adequate planning to ensure that all information on the company's two websites (BIB & BBC) is accurate and up-to-date, ensuring that they market a professional image. This will mainly serve foreign tourists and other interested stakeholders. 3. 6 Marketing Mix Green Meadow's marketing mix is comprised of the following pricing, distribution, advertising and promotion, and customer service. Pricing: GM does not compete on price, but they compete on service. Additionally, the target market is not price sensitive.

Too large degree price is irrelevant as long as it is reasonably proportional to the services offered. Distribution: Gem's services will be distributed throughout Jordan, the MEAN Region and the world, depending on the location of the trip. Advertising and Promotion: The most successful advertising will be the magazine advertisements as well as the new online systems. Customer service: Obsessive customer attention is the primary concern. Gem's philosophy that is established throughout the organization is whatever needs to be done to make the customer happy must occur. In the long run, this investment will pay off with a fiercely loyal customer base who is extremely vocal to their friends regarding referrals. 3. Market research At the end of each trip, the marketing department gathers the customer's feedback ND carry out customers surveys in regards to their experience with the company's services, and this data is also analyses and converted into useful information to be used in order to enhance the current products/services and in order to take an action plan accordingly. Another source of market research is competitive analysis. Green Meadows will be constantly observing the competitors to look for any changes in service offerings or 4. Controls business m Del changes. There are many things measured frequently to assess the achievement of the marketing strategy towards its targeted goals, the following areas will be monitored o gauge performance

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