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Company Description: - ( INTRODUCTION )

Lenovo has a good name and frame in the market. Lenovo group limited is today the 3rd largest personal computing machine maker in the universe particularly in Asia. But one m traveling to present a new merchandise which is `` Photostat machine '' . As Lenovo is a good trade name so one will non happen any sort of trouble to present a new merchandise. The procedure must turn to all the stairss to necessary to get down volume production, develop need documentation, and back up the merchandise. Improved merchandise launch consequences in faster clip net income activities are better planned and co-ordinate and more tightly integrated. System informations are better understood and system may be better integrated. System informations are demand are better integrated.The consequence in better production ramp-up, more expeditiously selling, a sale force better integrated selling the new merchandise and a service and support group better able to service and back up the new merchandise.leading to greater client credence. After Hewlett Packard, dingle. Lenovo creates a most advanced merchandises and service. Lenovo offers a heavy monetary value line and they already launched a broad scope of merchandises such as laptops, desktops and so many merchandises.

BUSINESS Mission: -

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I am seting my merchandise portfolio to a planetary participant. It will assist in approaching future clip. i introduce a new merchandise. one create this merchandise for the creative activity of planetary platforms and development of local platforms to accommodate state specific demands. focused on cost, increasing merchandise complexness, making a multi location merchandise.

In our quickly altering and extremely competitory markets successful new merchandise launch is thought by many but the job is that the deficit of thoughts and disbursal in production and marketing new merchandises without any warrant of success. No 1 know that the produst u R traveling to establish is traveling on top or it fails.

Thoroughly my calling I have seen many new merchandises and talked 1000 of invitors who could hold saved themselves thousand of dollers and increase the likeliness of success if he had model for developing thoughts and fix it for market.

By seeing all this one take experience and my experience leads us the following six measure procedure after establishing a Photostat machine.

1 ) First one see that who is the mark client.

2 ) How do i desire to travel to market i.e produce the merchandise, sell the thought or license the merchandise to person else to bring forth the market.

3 ) Explore the merchandise.

4 ) What are the market research stage.

5 ) Analysis and development of market program.

6 ) Execute the program and establish the merchandise

By taking all this things in my head I starts work

Our concern mission is launch our merchandise in such a manner that it will provide all our the worls and derive more and more net income.

Selling Aim: -

Marketing aims of my merchandise is to catch the attending of the clients.

Aims can be set in two degrees: -

1. Corporate Degree: -These are those aims which are concern in concern as a whole or a administration. I am taking this two type of aims in establishing Photostat machine.

2. FUNCTIONAL Degree: -these are particular sort of selling activities.

By these two I m besides take into consideration on smart standards which is as under:

Specific- The aim should province exactly come once more? Is to be achieve.

Measurable- An aim should be knowing of measurement - so that it is possible to make up one's mind whether ( or how far ) it has been achieved.

Achievable- Ahe aim should be matter-of-fact given the province of personal businesss in which it is set and the capital available to the concern.

Relevant- Aims should be applicable to the people responsible for accomplishing them.

Time Bound- Aims have to be set with a time-frame in head. These clip bound besides need to be realistic.


I m traveling to establish a new merchandise of Lenovo. my merchandise is the photostate machine and I introduce this merchandise in the market it has a to maintain client profile besides. Customer profile means what are the client demands and what they except.

They besides see that what are the stratergies they use



Name- Lenovo 's Photostat machine is the name of my merchandise.

Merchandise variety- it is new, different, usual, designed to make full an identified demand. It is launched assorted colorss.

Monetary value:

List price- The list monetary value of the Photostat machine is starts from 65000/ . It is less expensive Photostat machine than that of its rivals.

After the new Photostat machine is being developed the following measure is to put the monetary value.Firstly I will doubtless look to market rivals for indicants of how monetary value should be set. I will put competition based pricing.Like I can see traveling rate monetary value to put monetary value.


Advertising- Ad is done by utilizing assorted methods like media advertisement, intelligence paper advertisement, magazines, etc.

Gross saless promotion- Gross saless publicity of Photostat machine is done by offering gifts and other points to pull the distributers.

Public relations- Photostat machine is so far really good in keeping good relationship with its clients by stating them about new invention in the bing merchandise.

Topographic point

Locations- The Photostat machine provides a good service to its clients.

Coverage- Photostat machine covers all local countries really efficaciously. This is the most of import factor, and so takes action ; make certain they can make every country so that it helps in school and concern intents.


& A ; Oslash ; Manufacturer to dealer

& A ; Oslash ; Manufacturer to client



& A ; Oslash ; It has good productProducts

& A ; Oslash ; Good service quality

& A ; Oslash ; Global coverage

& A ; Oslash ; Strong and effectual use

& A ; Oslash ; maintain up to day of the month on what competiton is making


& A ; Oslash ; Entire plus turnover is one of the failing of my photostatmachine.

& A ; Oslash ; Lack of invention


& A ; Oslash ; My merchandise has the chance to catch the market portion.

& A ; Oslash ; Peoples are going more conceious towards proficient accomplishments i.e computing machine cognition. So one develop a multifunction Photostat machine should aim these peoples by offering alone merchandises.


& A ; Oslash ; The chief menaces is its rival. There are batch of rivals who lower down the sale of merchandise.

Selling Plan: -

Plan that inside informations a company 's selling attempt ; besides called action scheme. The selling program may be laid out for an single merchandise or for the full company and all its merchandises. In either instance, the program specifies the selling ends and aims to be achieved over a specific clip period and so lays out the assorted schemes to be followed in accomplishing them. It will besides define the duties for transporting out the program. Well I am looking to present a new Photostat machine of lenovo in the market.To full fill this intent foremost I should hold to fix a market program through which I may happen out the market state of affairss. I am following seven stairss as selling program to develop my Photostat machine in the market. These points are as follow-

1 ) Selling Environment


3 ) Pricing OF THE PRODUCT

4 ) Launching Political campaign



Selling environment

The selling environment in India is undergoing a rapid transmutation, and this is peculiarly important for Indian companies. Changes in authorities ordinances and economic policies, forces of globalization and competition, and the evolving nature of ingestion behaviors are supplying important chances. Many companies have started using the chances that are emerging in the altering selling environment. As the market of consumers are acquiring educated they are giving more emphasis on quality than monetary value. Selling environment is made up of external factor which is further made up of micro and macro factors. I am taking in to consideration all these factors while establishing a Photostat machine and conveying it into the market.

A big figure of forces shape the selling environment. To assist form your thought, it 's utile to sort the assorted forces as falling into either the

( 1. ) Direct market environment.

( 2 ) The external market environment.

The direct environment of any generic market or product-market includes clients, the company, and rivals. The external market environment is broader. The variables of the external market environment autumn into four major countries:

1. Economic environment.

2. Technological environment.

3. Political and legal environment.

4. Cultural and societal environment.

In the short tally, the selling director does n't command the variables of the selling environment. That 's why it 's sometimes utile to believe of them as unmanageable variables. On the other manus, the selling director can and should carefully see the environmental variables when doing determinations that can be controlled. For illustration, a director may non be able to make anything to countervail the strengths of a specific rival, but the director can choose schemes that lead the house into product-markets where that house does non vie, or where competition in general is non as strong. We 'll see how they shape chances restricting some possibilities and doing others more attractive. A company must make up one's mind where it 's traveling, or it may fall into the trap expressed so good by the citation: `` Having lost sight of our nonsubjective, we redoubled our attempts. '' Company aims should determine the way and operation of the whole concern. It is hard to put aims that truly guide the present and future development of a company. The selling director should be heard when the company is puting aims. But puting whole-company aims within resource bounds is finally the duty of top direction. In this sense, whole-company aims are normally outside the selling director 's `` control. '' It would be convenient if a company could put one aim such as doing a net income and allow that function as the usher. Actually, nevertheless, puting aims is much more complicated, which helps explicate why it 's frequently done ill or non done at all. The undermentioned three aims provide a utile starting point for puting a house 's aims. They should be sought together because in the long tally a failure in even one of the three countries can take to entire failure of the concern. A concern should:

1. Engage in specific activities that will execute a socially and economically utile map.

2. Develop an organisation to transport on the concern and implement its schemes.

3. Earn adequate net income to last.

The first aim says that the company should make something utile for society. This is n't merely a `` humanitarian '' aim. Businesss ca n't be without the blessing of consumers. If a house 's activities appear to be contrary to the consumer `` good.

New merchandise development-

Generating THE IDEAS

The new merchandise development procedure starts with the hunt for thoughts. New merchandise development requires garnering thoughts to be evaluated as possible merchandise options. For many companies thought coevals is an on-going procedure with parts from inside and outside the organisation. Many market research techniques are used to promote thoughts including: running focal point groups with consumers, channel members, and the company 's gross revenues force ; promoting client remarks etc. Customer demands and wants are the logical topographic point to get down the hunt. Employees throughout the company can be beginning of thoughts for any merchandise.


The thoughts generated in thought coevals are critically evaluated by company forces to insulate the most attractive options. Depending on the figure of thoughts, showing may be done in unit of ammunitions with the first unit of ammunition affecting company executives judging the feasibleness of thoughts while consecutive unit of ammunitions may use more advanced research techniques. Acceptable thoughts move on to the following measure.

Market Research and Analysis

• Situational Analysis

• Product/Service Analysis

Our strengths are:

- Low monetary values

- High quality merchandises

- Experienced Staff

Our failings are:

- Limited distribution channels


• Students of the university

• Staff of the university

• Corporate universe

• schools

Business Analysis

Now in concern analysis the procedure becomes really dependent on market research as attempts are made to analyse the viability of the merchandise thoughts. Much attempt is directed at both internal research, such as treatments with production and buying forces, and external selling research, such as client and distributer studies, secondary research, and rival analysis. By concern analysis we come to cognize about gauging entire gross revenues, costs and net income.


Ideas go throughing through concern analysis are given serious consideration for development. Companies direct their research and development squads to build an initial design or paradigm of the thought. I will besides get down to build a selling program for the merchandise. Once the paradigm is ready the seller seeks client input. In add-on to deriving client feedback, this measure is used to estimate the feasibleness of large-scale, cost effectual production for manufactured merchandises. Chiefly at this phase the company will find weather the merchandise thought can be translated in to a technically merchandise.

Market Testing

After direction is satisfied the merchandise is ready to dressed up with a trade name name and set in to a market trial. In some instances the seller accepts what was learned from construct proving and skips over market proving to establish the thought as a to the full marketed merchandise. But other companies may seek more input from a larger group before traveling to commercialisation. The most common type of market proving makes the merchandise available to a selective little section of the mark market ( e.g. , one metropolis ) , which is exposed to the full selling attempt as they would be to any merchandise they could buy.


If market proving shows assuring consequences the merchandise is ready to be introduced to a wider market. Some houses introduce or roll-out the merchandise in moving ridges with parts of the market having the merchandise on different agendas. This allows the company to rage up production in a more controlled manner and to ticket melody the selling mix as the merchandise is distributed to new areas.In commercializing a new merchandise, market entry timing is critical like if I have completed my development work and cognize that my rival is approaching the terminal of its development work so I will confront three choices-First entry, Parallel entry, Late entry. This determination involves extra consideration. It depends how we want to come in in market.

Analysis of competition will include pricing by direct rivals, related merchandises and primary merchandises

* Direct Competitor Pricing - Almost all selling determinations, including pricing, will include an rating of rivals ' offerings. The impact of this information on the existent scene of monetary value will depend on the competitory nature of the market. we must non merely research competitory monetary values but must besides pay close attending to how these companies will react to the our pricing determinations.

* Related Product Pricing - Products that offer new ways for work outing client demands may look to pricing of merchandises that clients are presently utilizing even though these other merchandises may non look to be direct rivals.


We must be cognizant of ordinances that impact how monetary value is set in the markets in which their merchandises are sold. These ordinances are chiefly authorities enacted significance that there may be legal branchings if the regulations are non followed. Price ordinances can come from any degree of authorities and vary widely in their demands.

Finally, when selling beyond their place market, we must acknowledge that local ordinances may do pricing determinations different for each market. This is peculiarly a concern when merchandising to international markets where failure to see ordinances can take to terrible punishments. Consequently sellers must hold a clear apprehension of ordinances in each market they serve. There are besides extra legal concerns when it comes to monetary value.

STP for the merchandise

After holding the merchandise development and choosing the monetary values I will travel for establishing the merchandise. In the launch run I will be demoing or presenting the assorted characteristics of the merchandise. The chief thought behind this is to do people familiar about the merchandise and here I will be ask foring all the major distributers of different metropoliss who are maintaining the Photostat machines of different companies besides so that they come to cognize about my new trade name and can hold stock with them. I can do topographic point for my merchandise in bing market by deep market survey, maintaining the monetary value less than other existing monetary value of the photostat machines. Positioning is to show the procedure. Any company, single, merchandise and service could utilize this method to `` busy '' a place in the heads of consumers The placement can be done by utilizing assorted mediums like giving advertizements on telecasting, newspapers etc. Placement of the photostat machine is being done really efficaciously in the heads of clients. It is depth survey of the mark audience from the position of the audience themselves in order to take information to administer efficaciously and vouch a manner to supply consistent communicating. This will make a method which consequences in consumers memorising the company or the merchandise in a certain manner. The rule of positioning created a new epoch. With this construct widely known and accepted by the people, selling experts besides tried to link this rule with the bing selling theory systems

Promotion and Ad:

Promotion is a signifier of corporate communicating that uses assorted methods to make a targeted audience with a certain message in order to accomplish specific organisational aims. About all organisations, must prosecute in some signifier of publicity. Such attempts may run from transnational houses passing big amounts on procuring high-profile famous persons to function as corporate interpreters to the proprietor of a one-man endeavor go throughing out concern cards at a local bourgeois 's meeting.

For publicity, apart from go oning the bing scheme of concentrating on T.V. channels. I would besides concentrate on advancing through wireless. Our publicity scheme is based chiefly on doing the right information available to the right mark client. In this we have to look into that what manner of advertizement we have to utilize to the advertizement of the Lenovo 's Photostat machine.


To establish any new merchandise like Photostat machine in the market it is really customary to establish the merchandise as per a specific selling program of that merchandise. To cognize the current place of the companies that is bring forthing the same merchandises and what consumers demand from them. To maximise their net income and capturing more market portion proper analysis of each and every phase involved in selling program is really of import. If the company non doing marketing program before establishing any new merchandise so there are maximal opportunities of acquiring loss. A selling program may be portion of an overall concern program. Solid selling statergy is the foundation of a well-written selling program. While a selling program contains a list of actions, a selling program without a sound strategic foundation is of small usage. Behind the corporate aims, which in themselves offer the chief context for the selling program, will put the 'corporate mission ' ; which in bend provides the context for these corporate aims. At the last I can reason that selling program is indispensable to do before establishing any new merchandise in the market.

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