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Big Brothers Big Sisters Metro Atlanta - Marketing Efforts Paper Tolejala Keel PA 572 Managing Nonprofit Development Programs Keller Graduate School Professor Ian Coyle Table of Contents I. Introduction 3 II. Historical Background 3,4 III. Mission Statement4 IV. Marketing Methods- Organization Centered4,5 V. Marketing Methods- Customer Centered5,6 VI. Recommendations6 VII. References7 Big Brothers Big Sisters I. Introduction The greater metro Atlanta organization is one of the most successful and diverse chapters of Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) helps at-risk children beat the odds. Big Brothers Big Sisters is the world? s largest mentoring program helping over 270,000 children around the world reach their potential through professionally supported one-to-one relationships. They nurture children, help them realize their potential and build their futures. In doing so they also strengthen communities. Each time Big Brothers Big Sisters pairs a child with a role model, one-to-one relationships are built on trust and friendship. These friendships often develop into a future of unlimited potential.

II. Historical Background In 1904 Ernest Kent Coulter, a young New York City court clerk named noticed the increased of young boys introduced to the court system. He knew something needed to be done to help these kids and set out to find willing and caring adults volunteers that could help these boys stay out of trouble. That marked the beginning of Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City and the Big Brothers movement. At around the same time, the members of a group called Ladies of Charity were befriending girls who had come through the New York Children’s Court.

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That group would later become Catholic Big Sisters. Both groups continued to work independently until 1977, when Big Brothers of America and Big Sisters International joined forces and became Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta (BBBS) has been serving the Metro Atlanta area for nearly fifty years. Our goal is to enrich children’s lives and provide a solid foundation to allow the next generation to be all they can be—one child at a time. III. Mission Statement

The mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters is to provide children facing adversity with strong and enduring, professionally supported one-to-one relationships that change their lives for the better, forever. Vision: all children achieve success in life. Accountability: by partnering with parents/guardians, volunteers and others in the community we are accountable for each child in our program achieving: * Higher aspirations, greater confidence, and better relationships * Avoidance of risky behaviors * Educational success IV. Marketing Methods- Organization Centered

Big Brothers Big Sisters plan involves the development of a more robust, sustainable resource engine focused on our mission and vision, led by strong board and executive leadership, and strengthened by investments in our fund development systems Below are some of their marketing programs that are organization-centered: A. School-Based Mentoring program is built on partnerships between Metro Atlanta corporations and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta (BBBS) with the goal of creating mentoring friendships between corporate volunteers and elementary or middle school within close proximity of the corporate site.

The corporations sponsor such programs as job shadowing and career day activities on site. The School-Based program includes partnerships with local colleges in addition to those with local corporations. B. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta is a well established, recognized and respected charity, and has been changing the lives of disadvantaged children for over 100 years. With the support of their valued partners, they can provide and expand many programs, activities and services.

They offer many attractive partnership opportunities, from cause marketing campaigns, Workplace Mentoring, and event sponsorships. These partnerships helps businesses achieve their own business objectives while empowering (BBBS) to strengthen the resiliency of the children, heightening their self-esteem, improving their school performance, enhancing their social and family relationships, and helping them avoid trouble with the law. V. Marketing Methods- Customer Centered When people think of mentoring programs, they think of Big Brothers Big Sisters.

As an established youth organization, we’ve worked for more than 100 years to develop youth mentoring programs that work. Our experienced approach to recruiting, screening, matching, and supporting our mentoring relationships has resulted in thousands of lasting relationships and helped change the lives of young people across the country. Below are some of their marketing programs that are customer-centered: A. Mentoring Towards College (MTC) is a comprehensive curriculum with a dual mission: to support academic success in each grade level AND to ensure on-time graduation and college matriculation.

In this program, the Mentor uses the MTC curriculum to provide direction and guidance while the child is actually responsible for completing the objectives which include workshops, discussions and programs. All MTC activities work toward the goal of academic success in high school and college preparation. B. The Star Program allows the mentors and children matches to experience theatre first-hand, and explore their imaginations as well as the world around them.

Through special after-school performances, matches experience the Atlanta’s many unique and artistic performances and exhibits geared towards complementing student development. VI. Recommendations Research has shown that most non-profit organizations have an “organization-centered” mindset. However moving from an “organization-centered” to a “customer-centered” approach to marketing will provide a better opportunity for non-profit organizations to increase their competitive advantage and aid in meeting the terms organizational mission.

There are two ways in which Big Brothers Big Sisters can become more customer-centered in their marketing efforts: A. Big Brothers Big Sisters can capitalize on Atlanta’s reputation as a very cultural city and professional sports teams. Most Valuable Kids (MVK) will provide (BBBS) children with ticket donations to attend cultural events, professional and collegiate sports and entertainment events. Live entertainment provides a positive source of inspiration for children in a world where there are many negative alternatives. B.

Hipic Mentoring Program- According to the U. S. Census Bureau. Latinos make up about 14 percent of the nation’s population and more than one-third of all Hipics in the United States are under age 18. Over one-quarter of Hipic children under 18 in the U. S. live in poverty. The Hipic Mentoring Program continues the Big Brothers Big Sisters tradition of outreach to at-risk youth by emphasizing the connection with Hipic communities and the recruitment of Latino volunteers. References Andreasen, Alan R. , and Philip Kotler.

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