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Company In and renamed It Johnson Wax. It Is a 128 year old business that has been owned and managed by five generations of the Johnson Family. The company offers home cleaning products for deep cleaning, disinfecting and removing dust, pest control products for protecting families form pests, and home storage products for keeping food fresh. It also provides air care products, such as home fragrances to fill a room with fragrance and eliminate odors, and auto care products including waxes, cleaners, protectors and much more. Describe Main Line of Business of the Company S. C.

Johnson and Son has became one of the leading manufacturer of household cleaning and scent products, products for home storage, personal care, car care, floor care, shoe care products, and Insect control. It markets such well known brands as Winded, Pledge, Fantast's, Tempo, Grand PRI, Johnson Bribe, Copilot, Glade, OFF, and Raid. The company is committed to high-quality products, the environment, and the communities in which it operates. Name Four Countries in which the Company Operates S. C. Johnson and Son manufacture s one of the global leaders in manufacturing and marketing their products around the world.

It is present in more than 70 countries and market its products in over 110 counties such as Canada, China, France and Egypt. Sc Johnson and son is known around the world as, "A Family Business. " A business that I owned and managed by family and it represents family. SC Johnson has been taking steps recently to Jazz up its marketing, without losing sight of its core positioning. With new campaigns for products like Off, and Fantastic brand, SC Johnson and is taking creative risks with its traditional image. In the process, they are revising the product demo, with funny and creative campaigns.

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The goal was an overall change in the tone of the SC] voice to make it more modern and engaging," The goal, therefore, was to put a new spin marketing of household goods. The ad needs to teach consumers what the product is and how it works. Implementation of Target Market S. C. Johnson targets the family for its advertisement with its products. Through market research, customers today don't want to spend a full day scrubbing and cleaning home. They want to use convenience products that get the Job done. Parents want to spend as much time with family as possible. Such products as

Winded, Fantastic and pledge wipes allow consumers to wipe away dust, dirt as well as Disinfecting. Implementation of Product Strategy According to that research, Americans prefer products from family- owned companies to those from publicly-held corporations by a wide margin. "More than 80 percent believe that family companies make products they can trust versus 43 percent for publicly-traded companies. " Others perceived family-company products to be of higher quality. To reinforce these attitudes, SC Johnson created the new campaign using Sam Johnson to tell the family company's story.

A great family business, no matter its size, has to be more than a financial investment. " To survive long term it has to be a social positive for the employees, a benefit for the community, a passion for future generations of the family, and committed to earning the goodwill of the consumer. Implementation of Distribution Strategy "One of the MIT program's sponsors is spending more money on more frequent deliveries to make sure the inventory is actually delivered to the point of use more regularly. " They don't have a central warehouse that keeps a large amount of product n hand or stored at retail locations.

By doing this the company has freed up lots of working capital and compensates the cost of increased shipments. They use an express courier service to provide rapid replenishment, eliminating the need to warehouse product anywhere for very long. Therefore allowing retailers to maintain less inventory. Instead of getting a full truckload once a week they're paying a premium to have it delivered on a daily basis. Implementation of Communication Strategy "As a family company, listening and responding to consumers is SC Johnny's top priority.

Today's families want to know what's in the household cleaning and air freshening products they use in their homes. Making information about the ingredients in their products readily accessible and easy to understand helps the consumers know they can continue to trust . C. Johnson and son's products. S. C. Johnson and Son continually conduct extensive research and testing to ensure their products meet health, environmental and safety standards, and are effective. Many companies will follow the example that SC Johnson has now set for its household cleaners and air freshening products.

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