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The approach in this project implementation required is carried out in phases. The workplace culture now allows personnel to work from the comfort of home. This in turn minimizes on use of paper recording (Buckley, 2007, p. 3). The management of Toomey Opticar Company through their different schemes of car hire is able to provide these services at cheaper cost than other companies in the same business. This scheme also benefits the vehicle drivers (Wynn, 2008, p. 3).


In order for organization to have efficient productivity, there is need of diverse strategies and policies. Organizations need to implement and incorporate strategies that will be used to reduce the costs while utilizing the organizational resources for productivity. There should be diverse financial management policies in organizations to ensure the finances of the organization are managed well. These financial management policies should be easily usable, robust and flexible to meet future needs for business and growth.

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The solutions should also be easily customized for the organization while helping the organizations by offering a guide on the strategic plans and forecast to be used in the organizations (Microsoft Dynamics, 2008, pp. 1-16). For a successful business model companies should adopt three framework business model innovations which include the innovation of the industry model, revenue model and enterprise model (Giesen et al. , 2007, p. 5).


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