Effective Management Style and Work Ethics of Kirk Arnold

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Kirk Arnold effectiveness as a manger and leader comes from the character and her management style. More than the skills or previous experience she has with other companies, her work ethics, manner and her interactions with other people in the company establishes confidence and admiration. This suggests that though she is goal-oriented person, she also recognizes the importance of building relationship and work partnerships within and outside the organization

What could she do better?

Considering the developing challenges in the industry Nerve Wire ranging from the slowing down of the economy and the intensification of competition, relationships with clients and other industry partners can be further developed. Arnold has already apparently recognized this need and has incorporated it significantly in her priorities and schedule.

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What aspect of her management style do you think contribute to her effectiveness or ineffectiveness?

One key aspect that has contributed to the success of Arnold’s management in the company is her work ethics which are recognized by both her peers and subordinates as exemplary. She has established a reputation for directness, objectiveness as well as a willingness to work: suggesting that she doesn’t consider her position as a privilege but as a craft.

Is her style well-suited to the current situation at NerveWire? In what other situations might it be effective? In what situations would it be ineffective?

Her style of management, direct but responsive, suits the nature of NerveWire’s business. Since the company is consulting and systems development, there is a need to recognize particular requirements and unique business perspectives of clients. Unlike consultancy for operational or repetitive business concerns that would not creative thinking as much, Arnold thrives in NerveWire’s environment because it allows her to apply her experience and skills, as she designs it, in innovative settings.

In what way is your own style like Kirk? In what way is your style different?

Like Arnold, I recognize a challenge in trying to view problems in a new way and developing new perspectives and strategies for problems. Also, that though there are technical or operational requirements that need to be taken into consideration they should not be viewed as limitations. Unlike Arnold however, there is still a lot to be developed in my mentoring or coaching skills. Most likely, this aptitude can be further developed as I gain more experience and work with more people.

Malcolm Frank.

In what way is Malcolm effective?

Malcolm Frank effectivity comes from the fact that he is capable as an executive as well as managing other executives. In his interview, he points out that the challenge of working with brilliant people is how to be able to channels their skills and experience productively and how to manage and resolve conflicts

What could he do better?

He can be more directly involved in building relationships with the various stakeholders of the company to be able to asses their perceptions on the directions of the industry and in general, the economy. This will allow him the context needed to examine scenarios that the company will face. Similar to Arnold, he has also recognized the need to build these relationships personally as reflected in his own priorities and schedule.

What aspect of his management style do you think contribute to his effectiveness or ineffectiveness?

The most critical to Frank’s effectiveness is his confidence in the organization and its executives without being threatened or having reservation in directing them to the company’s objectives. In doing so, he is able to develop an atmosphere that maximizes the skills and potentials of the organization, highlighting the importance cooperation and organizational development and effectiveness.

Is his style well-suited to the current situation at NerveWire? In what other situations might it be effective? In what situations would it be ineffective?

Frank is suited to Nerve Wire because he is able to exert his authority positively. However, this success is because Frank manages and organization that has positive sense of competition and strong organizational relationship. For NerveWire and similar organizations where there is high level of pressure and a significant collection of assertive and creative people, this is an essential skill to maintain the cohesiveness and cooperation of a group.

In what way is your own style like Malcolm and in what way is your style different?

Like Frank, I recognize and appreciate the need for expertise, knowledge and experience as well as an environment were can they can developed positively. In doing so, people will be able to work effectively with each other and increase the overall potential and capacity of an organization. . At the same time, I recognize that this degree of confidence in my work and managing the work of others has to still be honed by experience and training.


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