Management Style Essay

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O'Neal I define management as someone who directs their workers, or in some cases their supervisors on what needs to be done by the workers. Management is the person who should lead by example and be a positive role model for the company so that everyone else under will follow. Management must be familiar with the work of his/her employees. The most important thing for management to know how to do more than being familiar with the work knows how to manage the workers and be a read lead for the company.

Good qualities of a manager is that they are able to lead the employees that they manage. Having good leadership skills is really essential. Good leadership skills consist of having self-assurance, emotional stability and enthusiasm. A good manager has good communication skills, planning and organizing skills as well as good problem-solving skills. In my opinion good management skills also consist of taking care of problems head on and not allowing them to escalate.

Building a good am and once a month having one on one meeting as well as group meetings to find out where an individual need to grow within self better company and where everyone as a team need to grow to better the company Good management requires nothing but positivist in his/her organization or company (smelliness's. Churn. Com). Poor qualities of a manager would be poor communication, problem solving and leadership skills. A manager that does not know how to lead by example rather just tell others what to do.

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Have favorites, do not deal with issues head-on, and be dude to employees, one sided and intimidate and bully staff is all poor qualities for a manager. Also poor management is one who does not practice positivist within the company . I feel that these qualities should be the same no matter the situation. Whether at home, social, or work can use these same qualities something that should be in the person and if it is in the person will not only come out in certain situations but overall. M okay with my test results due to tested in between so it makes me ware that have k management skills but just need some improvement based off the Way that I answered the questions. It provides constructed criticism in which love so I can do better in certain areas and I am okay with that. I enjoyed taking this quiz because it shows you where you are so you can get better if need to. In my opinion no matter how good of a manager you are there is always room for improvement no matter what and a good manager should never feel like there is no room for growth.

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