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Management: Leadership Style

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Assignment in management: Question: Assume that the creation of the GM-operations position was a good decision. What leadership style and type of individual would you try to place in this position? Answer: The firm hired brad Howser who seemed to be very confident and appropriate to the job with an auto craft experience. As a general manager-operation a person was responsible for finding good relationship with customers, controlling the budget, and office operations. But the kind of leadership style Howser has was autocratic leadership.

He made plans and decisions on his own way but never listen to his employees and clients, which the company’s needed in order to form a good organization or leadership. Due to his lack of management skills, he put the firm into risk. For me, a type of individual leadership is transformational leadership because a leader the one who motivates people to go beyond their interest for the good of the group. Transformational Leaders are often charismatic leader, who succeed through a belief in themselves rather than a belief in others. n order to have a leadership style the leaders needs to understand business situation and creating new strategies, forward-looking and competent. And she or he needs employees support to implement his or her goal. And I want the democratic leadership to put in this position because the people have a more participating role in the decision making process. One person retains final say over all decisions but allows others to share insight and ideas. The good leader is one who knows real understanding of the companies’ culture, understanding business, establishing new business strategies, and inspiring which motivate employees work hard.

First, in order to have a good leadership style or manager needs to task oriented which has to keep track on how well the workers doing their job. Second they are proactive rather than reactive if any problem comes on your company, this proactive people can look forward to solve it. Third, they must know themselves what is their weakness and strength, they inspire people to be the best they can be by being a mentor, and they play to their strengths and train to improve their weaknesses.

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Lastly, they need to know the job description of general manager the budget, community relation, day to day grill, sales retention of sale 10% and customer base expansion. On the other hand the leaders need to give them freedom because it makes them to work hard on their own and be confident on what they are doing. Let the employees motivate how to share their valuable ideas for the good outcome of the company. Having the right team behind your company, with fully motivated staff and great leadership, qualities can only enhance your company’s reputation and productivity.

This is a very open and collegial style of running a team. Ideas move freely amongst the group and are discussed openly. Everyone is given a seat at the table, and discussion is relatively free-flowing the democratic leadership style is the best for this company. If I were Howser I would simply pay attention to my employees, because employees are the best asset to the company, I need to take care of them in order to get their loyalty to work, and finally, if I succeeded to get their loyalty, the company would be more profitable and expand their market faster.

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