The Steps to a Fun Vacation with Families and Friends

Last Updated: 07 Jan 2023
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Well summer break is finally here no school, many families and friends wanting to just get away for awhile. For many parents it is that time of year when they want to take a break from work and other household duties that are performed. For the children it is that time of year where they are anxious to travel and see what life is like outside of home. Many people who normally have lots of snow in the winter may want to get to a beach and just relax; others want to go to places where the water is crystal clear and amusement parks are epic. The summer is a time where explorers visit places such as Africa, Europe, and other countries. Well the key behind achieving great success when doing all of these great, fun and exciting things is simply planning. After reading this one will have all the tools and knowledge to make sure one will enjoy the summer like it is predetermined. The first step to planning the vacation of one’s dream is to pick where one shall spend his/her vacation. This step is crucial because one does not want to visit a place that is too much or too less than one is expecting. For example if it is a family vacation one would not want to pick a place where both the parents and children cannot have a time of their lives.

If this is the case then a place like Las Vegas would not be an ideal place for both the children and the parents simply because the family would not be able to bond simply because the parents may want to enjoy the night life and that will get in the way. The same goes in vice versa one would not want to pick a place where the parents would not have any time to enjoy themselves such as it would be a bad idea to go to a place such as Kiddy Land not a good idea. The next step to this extravagant vacation is finding out how one will get there. This step usually depends on two main factors how far the destination is and how long is the vacation or how long the parent wants to take off work. If one plans to be going a great distance like New York to California one should seriously consider flying especially if he/she wants to enjoy his/her self and want to enjoy relaxation. For those who enjoy the travel more than the vacation driving is obviously the best alternative. But, if one choose to drive it is a few extra steps to consider which is to estimate the millage also estimate the gasoline expense and food for the road and finally to get a car large enough for everyone to be comfortable. Next, after one have figured out where he/she is going and how he/she will get there now it is time to make reservations for airplane tickets, rental cars, hotels and other things. To save money one should plan ahead maybe four to six months ahead it is usually a lot cheaper that way. So the advice is anything that can be reserved early must be reserved early; the more money one can save the better.

The most important thing about this step is to keep all receipts and information such as confirmation numbers in a safe place. After that, it is smart to start putting money back each paycheck that way you have a decent amount of money to take for expenses such as shopping, and other fun activities. The next step on the agenda is to find someone to take care of plants, pets, mail and other duties. To make sure your things are safe it would be good to get a close family member to watch over the house. To take care of the mail situation one can actually go buy his/her local post office and inform them that you will be going on vacation and the mail carriers will not deliver the mail to your house. That is a safe way to make sure key mail and information will not get lost or stolen. Now it is about two weeks away from the trip one should start calling and rechecking all reservations to make sure that everything is still the same and accurate. It is also the time to start reminding neighbors and family members or whoever will be in charge to make sure to take care of pets, plants and other things of that nature. To be smart it would be a good idea to get all spending money loaded on a debit card of some sort or have traveler’s checks this way you use it for most of your spending. Also, have at least fifty bucks cash just to be safe, that way money is not lost that way.

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Now it is time to get everyone's luggage together if one is traveling by car and have small passengers make sure they have plenty of snacks and items to occupy their time such as movies, hand held video games etc. This will keep the smaller passengers occupied and not annoy the driver, which is very important. If one is traveling by plane then the luggage must be smaller but it is still smart to keep the little ones with items to occupy their time. This way everyone is comfortable and no one is bothering others. It is also smart to consider the climate even if it is warm always pack a small jackets just in case the temperature is unexpected. The day before it is time to leave make sure once again everything is in order and that all pets and plants are dropped off to their destinations and also make sure all appliances are turned off which is very important because many times families leave their homes one way and come back their house is not the same or sometimes no house at all. After one have followed these steps it is time to start having fun and enjoying the vacation and if these steps are followed carefully one should have a blast and have no big hassle on the vacation.

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