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Lewis Adult Day Care - My Job Description: Personal Narrative

The business that I have decided to introduce is a Lewis Adult Day Care that I have been appointed as CEO that requires a process chain. As a process participant, my job description initially includes obtaining credentials such as a license and/or certification etc. to …

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My Special First Job: Personal Narrative

The first job one has is always special. There are many reasons for why the first job is so special. The experience will always stick with you. A first job gives you chills because you may not know how to do anything yet. Asking for …

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Our Moving to Canada as a Time to Start a New Life: Personal Narrative

The dark, damp soil dredges its way into the underside of your soles while they step ever so lightly over the carpet of brittle branches covering the forest floor. The slender shadows slip in and out of sight through the tall, never-moving trees instilling an …

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What if I Lose My Hearing for a Day? Personal Narrative

Hearing is something I, and most likely many other people, take completely for granted. Going into this experience, I was a bit nervous, but mostly I was interested to find out what being Deaf would be like -like I expected or completely different. Knowing that …

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Me Work-Life Balance as a Combination of Perfectly Optimum Career and Perfectly Optimum Home Life: Narrative

I am working in this industry for the last 6 years, the most frequent words that I heard in these years are “Deployment”, “Moderation” and “Work-Life Balance”. Today I am going to share my version of the “Balance”. So, what is work-life balance? It is …

Healthy LifestylePsychology
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A Narrative About a Shark Attack

After the successful afternoon of shopping, my best friend Matilda and I headed back to the cottage from the unbearable heat and were dying for a swim; it was the perfect escape from ninety-eight degree heat. In a quick few seconds, we had our bathing …

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Narrative: History is a Collective Enterprise

It was the first day of the Spring 2015 semester. I made my way to the second floor of Walker Hall, Rm. 302. The space was filled with young minds, eager and anxious to learn about the Soviet past. Colleagues warned me of the intensity …

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The Story of My Life and Escape From Slavery: Personal Narrative

This personal account of my life and escape from Slavery is grounded in fact, not imagination, but though I have tried to depict the truth of my previous bondage as best as I am able, I know that this subject could be better portrayed in …

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My Personal Narrative: How We Found Out About My Fother’s Cancer

It was the worst day of my life on September 27, 2017 because I found out that my papa, Larry, had esophageal cancer. Papa found out he had esophageal cancer when he was having difficulty swallowing certain foods. He went to TriHealth Good Samaritan Hospital …

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How I Met Him: Personal narrative

I remember that early September sky, the day I saw “my first love.” I wanted to talk to him, but I couldn’t, I was way too shy. Brown hair, green eyes, and I could already tell his lips had told a million lies. “Don’t do …

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