Legalization of Drugs

Last Updated: 28 Mar 2023
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Sure want to legalize drugs? In the century of freedom that we are living in, we have started to face this new world’s new problems and new situations, such as the legalization of drugs. Many people are having dilemmas about drug legalization coming between ethical values and the right to freedom. However, surely forbidding something for people’s and communities’ own benefit doesn’t go along with our perception of democracy and freedom. What freedom means is being able to do whatever individuals want without disturbing others’ rights and freedoms.

Then we should mainly focus on the “…without disturbing others’ rights and freedoms. ” part. Therefore, even if we are not the ones that are capable of legislating, governments should care about our voices and be careful about this subject; because legalizing drugs and giving people the right individually use drugs regarding public rights and freedom will cause lots of consequences and problems. Therefore, in this precise situation, drugs should not be legalized in Turkey. Legalization of drugs will bring some problems with itself.

First of all, the legalization of drugs will increase drug usage and the number of drug addicts as it will be stable in our daily lives with the power of laws. Therefore drug usage will seem normal as everyone will have the right to use it, and people will find enough confidence to try it even though they don’t really want to use it but fur to curiosity. If we look into our past legalization experiences, such as the legalization of alcohol or smoking, we can easily see the correlation between the number of addicts and the legalization of additional materials.

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Secondly, an increase in drug usage will increase the crime rate related to drugs. We are going to be able to the violence movie scenes in our streets as underground drug wars will spread to aboveground, the increase in drug addicts will increase the number of people in need of drugs, and it will occur the easiest way to drug afford: violence. As Magnnins (n. d. ) stated in his article, although drug legalization will reduce the cost of drugs, it will feed the habit. Therefore, crimes related to drugs will increase. (pg. 3-4).

Lastly, drug legalization will damage social relations among in public. Drug users are mostly psychologically unhealthy people as they do not care about anything but drugs, and due to their lack of logical thinking. The careless attitude that drug addicts exhibit in their social lives could be managed for a time by their relatives, but how long can this relative stand this as more and more people become addicts? Specifically, Turkish traditional and religious norms do not fit the legalization of drug usage, and this will lead to social problems.

In such a country like Turkey, which has a population is formed by more than %95 Muslim people, it is hard to expect everyone to obey a law that is strictly forbidden in their holy book. The ones who are for the legalization of drugs mostly have the same supporting ideas that they see enough evidence for drug legalization. Firstly, as legalization will make drug usage legal and provide some laws, it will put drug usage under government control. They assume that government control will help drug users as governments will be able to keep track of drug usage, put quotes, and even can generate income by cutting taxes.

However, they miss some really important points like government control will not only be unable to stop drug usage but also create some responsibilities for the Turkish government. If we look into alcohol and smoking usage in Turkey, we can easily see that governments can not control drug usage by quotes and taxes. In addition, government control issues will bring problems for the Turkish government, such as building rehabilitation centers for addicts and governmental care and responsibility for drug usage as Gargaro(1996) stated in her article, “notice all the regulation and laws surrounding cigarettes?

Legal drugs mean More laws, more regulation and more government, higher taxes, and higher insurance rates. ”(pg:3). The second point that drug legalization fans cry is “Drug usage is an individual choice,” which actually means to do whatever an individual likes, which is a right given by freedom, and drugs should be legalized as alcohol and smoking usage in Turkey. We understand this also from Block’s(2000) words which mainly point out that not legalizing drugs means controlling individuals' opinions and rights(pg:4-5). Yet, regard that it is a social issue more than an individuality problem.

As drug users' physiologic situations don’t let them think critically, it will lead us to have more troubles in the community. As Maginnis(n. d. ) claims, drug usage is not a personal issue as drug users’ families and society also endure the consequences like the baby on its drug user mother’s stomach(pg:10). To sum up, drug legalization is a sensitive situation, and the ones that stand for drug legalization should think critically, take into account the consequences of it such as effects of an increasing number of addicts on society like increasing crime rate, possible damages on social relationships before they are yelling “legalization will put it under government control” and “drug usage is an individual choice.” They should mainly not regard the meaning of freedom: being able to whatever individuals would like to do Without disturbing others’ rights and freedoms.


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