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Legalization or Decriminalization of Drugs

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The legalization or decriminalization of drugs would be beneficial to society through various ways. The government would collect taxes on them which could help with various expenses such as education expenses. Through different pharmaceutical companies it can be controlled as well as ensure quality which helps drug users from receiving bad product. It could free up space in prison or jails and allow more room for concentration of other important crimes that are taking place in society. On the other hand, the legalization of drugs could as well harm society.

It could be used more by individuals and cause individuals to become less alert to the important things in society. This could also cause harm to kids. So we have to understand that there are pros and cons to the legalization as well as it could be beneficial as well as cause harm in many of ways. When this comes into consideration, the pros and cons should be weighed before a final decision is made. Yes I do consider alcohol a drug. It can become addictive as well. It causes a high just same as drugs.

It most importantly causes a change in individuals behavior when to much alcohol is consumed. Certain alcohol levels can become very dangerous at times. It can be more dangerous than illegal drugs. I do believe that some alcohols are safer than others. An individual must also know their limits of how much alcohol to consume. This is sometimes hard in many situations which sometimes lead to various addictions and crime. Sometimes it can even lead to death when one has received too much of the wrong alcohol. This is known as alcohol poisoning.

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Without prohibiting alcohol, I believe that there is already a great control on alcohol already taking place. You will not be able to get rid of it. The only thing that you can do is maintain certain laws and standards that are to be abided by to keep it under control. The drug trade will always exist. There will be drug users as well as drug dealers. TV shows and films in my opinion act out what is already present in real life situations. The only difference is one is physical seen in everyday life versus the other shown on television.

I do not believe that all images on TV of drugs and alcohol be banned. Theses situations should be shown. Sometimes by watching these shows and watching some of the out comes can help one turn or change to a more positive path in life. On the other hand it can help those who were considering it, maybe to not participate or become users. Just like everything else, individuals will always try to blame there problems on something or someone, but we have to remember that everyone makes that choice to do right or wrong.

Television shows a lot of what is already happening in the streets in homes. Instead of looking at it causing more harm than good, it should be looked at it as a guide to help turn from those ways. Yes I believe prostitution is a crime. If two individuals would like to endeavor in mutual sex, than they can do that with out prostituting. Some are, not in their right state of mind as well as know the difference between right and wrong. If a man or woman would like to sell sexual favors, that should be there right just as long as it is mutual and not in the public view.

Two adults that are capable of making decisions about their life should be allowed to make them as long as it does not cause harm to them or anyone else. Prostitution on the streets is nothing that should be exploited because of the dangers and harm that could follow if things are done as planned or expected. Children are alert to all of their surroundings and what goes on in society. Sexual transmitted diseases as well as AIDS is floating on and being passed from one individual to another uncontrollably.

Here again without prohibiting it, I believe there is a great control of sexual explicit materials on the internet. It is on television, in magazines, as well as viewed on tapes and cds. So it will be showed one way or another. No I would ever approve of the online sale of sexually explicit photos of children even if they are artificial images created by computer animation. Children are sensitive and are still coming into the knowledge of growing into young mature productive adults in society. They are not learning how to become another statistics in society of crime.

This would not be a positive aspect that would be beneficial to them in life. This as well would not lead nor guide them in how to have respect for their bodies as well as others. We should also understand that because there are predators out their in the world we should not help them cause harm to children. I believe that both statements are accurate. Although sexually aggressive men are drawn to pornography; a man who is not so sexually aggressive would reach that stage eventually as he continue to watch as well as read more and more pornography.

Men sexual drives are strong at times. There excitement levels are different in many ways. When a manfinds something or sees something that excites him, he continues to want that as well as wanting to reach more exciting levels. Through pornography they are also able to full fill such levels as fantasies. When men become aggressive their focus is usually one thing and that is to reach their peek. Sometimes this means by any means necessary. Now some men needs more than pornography. Pornography is only satisfying for a while.

After this point they actually try to turn and create those fantasies with someone else. Some women are faced with the same issues. I believe that there are various views on this issue. I due believe that in various ways there are objective standards of morality. Others believe that there are not any objective standards. Many believe and argue that mostly those individuals that have a relationship as well as an involvement in Christianity are the ones who believe that there are objective standards. They believe that these objectives were written back in the days that God created the Ten Commandments.

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