Key problems at Edit 4U and recommendations

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Drury ( 2008 ) has defined direction accounting as

“… the proviso of information to people within the administration to assist them do better determinations and better the efficiency and effectivity of bing operations.”

Making the most effectual and efficient determinations is one of the most critical things to make because this leads to a successful growing and profitableness of the company. Assorted places like the Board of Directors make these important determinations every twenty-four hours in order to function the shareholders’ involvements and to do certain that the concern will go on to run in the hereafter. The determinations are made utilizing competent direction accomplishments, different managerial experiences and whether the direction chose to be a hazard taker or a hazard averse.

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Edit 4U ( E4U ) is a household owned concern who provides redaction and layout service for magazines. The concern was set up with the purpose to be profitable and to vie with other concerns in the same field whilst the economic system of Ireland is dining. As a get downing business- jobs and troubles could non be avoided which is the ground why this study has been commissioned. The study will supply information and concern advice to decide jobs that Mr. and Mrs. O’Sullivan is presently sing.

The cardinal issues of the concern will be analysed and examined to be able to give the right solutions and recommendations to Mr. Sean O’Sullivan. Different direction accounting techniques would be endorsed in order to better the public presentation of the concern.


The cardinal issues that have been found whilst the analyzing the concern is as follows:

I.Costing Method

Pricing occupations or merchandise costing is one of the cardinal issues that Sean and Mary are presently confronting. Sean does non cognize how to be a service per column occupation which has led to inaccurate fiscal statements and false figure of gross ( Banker & A ; Hughes, 1994 ) .

A direction accounting research by Brignall, et Al ( 1991 ) have mentioned that merchandise costing are used for ‘ ... stock list rating, merchandise pricing, mix determinations and for direction planning and control’ . It is indispensable that a concern cost their service right because it helps the direction make better determinations towards the profitableness of the concern. The cost-plus pricing could be an option that Edit 4U could utilize because this determines the merchandising monetary value and costs of the service they offer. This is calculated based on Sean’s chosen net income border for the company.

Furthermore, Edit 4U could utilize a merchandise costing system which helps to be products/ services based on the demand for the occupation. Marginal costing, soaking up costing and activity based costing are some of the bing methods that Sean could utilize to accurately monetary value the column services that they offer to their clients.

The Activity Based Costing ( Garg & A ; Rafiq, 2002 ) method

`…aid strategic determination devising, it act as a lens into the concern procedure leting resources to be expeditiously allocated and to enable cost decrease and in conclusion, it is an allotment mechanism that transfer pricing internal and external to the organisation’ .

This indicates that the footing of allotment which a theoretical account is shown in Appendix 1should be considered to be implemented throughout the company because this will divide up the costs that are allocated consequently to its cost Centres. The method ensures that costs are being driven by the right cost Centres and they are exactly measured.

Enforcing a direction accounting technique will ensue to a better service pricing based on the customization of each client ( Caplan, 2014 ) . However, in order to make these more information is needed from the concern. For illustration, Sean should account for all the relevant costs because this will back up him to take the most efficient determination with respects to the hereafter of the concern. Options should besides be considered because this will move as insurance in instance the first determination fails. In add-on, more information like how much work is allocated to a customized redaction service ; the type of merchandise mix that they are traveling to offer that could give high soaking up rate and how much is the demand for their service. These are some of information that would be required from Sean and Mary to to the full set a monetary value on services that they offer. Equally good as supplying extra information it is recommended that Sean and Mary use the client profitableness analysis ( Epstein, 2000 ) which is shown in Appendix 2.

II.Planning and Control

The following cardinal issue to be raised is the deficiency of separation between the family and the business’ disbursals since Sean utilizations portion of their place as an office. The Activity Based Costing will assist Sean and Mary to allocate the cost more accurately with respects to the disbursals used in the concern. The deficiency of planning and control in the concern could take to hapless determinations being made, hapless hard currency flow, and they could be taking the business’ objectives to a incorrect way ( Lucey, 2009 ) .

The Cost Volume Profit ( Drury, 2013 ) analysis “examines the relationship between alterations in activity and alterations in entire gross revenues gross, costs and net profit.” The analysis is a direction accounting technique that determines how many products/ services can a concern green goods in order to breakeven. This means that the analysis could let the direction to happen out how much services they can offer in order for the concern to gain net income. The analysis is besides used to pull the border of safety that will demo the scope of units before the concern will happen some loss. Using this sort of direction accounting technique could forestall Sean from doing the incorrect determination for the company.

However, the analysis will non work if there is non adequate information available which makes it impossible for the concern to build the cost volume net income analysis right ( ACCA, 2014 ) . Some of the information that will be needed to bring forth the analysis is the expected gross revenues of the concern, the variable cost, the fixed costs and the part per unit of the merchandise.

Therefore, it is recommended that the concern should go on on utilizing the accounting system that they already have because this will guarantee that the grosss and disbursals are accurately accounted for. Furthermore, this will do certain that the books remain balance and their VAT returns will be addressed right.

III.Business Venture

The last issue that will be analysed and discussed is the prospective concern venture that Sean will come in with Fergus. There are Numberss of concerns that would necessitate to be resolved in order to do the right determination for Edit 4U’s concern venture ( Datar, et al. , 2012 ) .

The first concern is the loan that Fergus will borrow from Sean to pay for the printing and distribution costs. I would propose to Sean to make a full background and recognition cheque on Fergus before he agrees to make a concern venture with him. The ground for this is that Sean demands to do certain that Fergus is a believable individual and has a clean repute amongst Bankss and edifice societies. If Fergus has a bad repute as a man of affairs, so this could post great menaces and hazards to the concern venture and could stain Sean’s concern repute. However, if Sean wants to prosecute the concern venture so he would necessitate to come in into a contract with Fergus that contains all the conditions that Sean has with respects to any jobs in the hereafter sing Fergus’ credibleness. Sean will necessitate to retrieve that even though they have a contract, he could non alter the public’s sentiments towards him if there was a dirt about the concern venture.

The 2nd concern would be the failure to budget the hard currency flows of the concern. Budgeting is a direction accounting technique which ensures that the hard currency out flow and inflow will be accounted ( Russell, et Al, 2001 ) C. Using this technique Sean and Fergus would be able to be after and do determinations about the hereafter of the concern and they can accurately cognize the costs and predicted grosss. If the concern does non utilize any accounting technique so it will be hard for the direction to find the public presentation of the concern and they will non be able to run into their aims.

Last, Sean should be cognizant on how many yearss their creditors are giving them because if the company fails to pay these creditors in clip they will be given non to swear the company and discontinue making concern with Edit 4U. The worst instance scenario is the company traveling to travel on bankruptcy ( Agarwala & A ; Taffler, 2008 ) . Using personal recognition cards and overdraft installation as a capital is non the most efficient manner to finance a concern because this could take to paying higher involvement rates that will incur each month. In order to avoid losing the creditor’s yearss a direction accounting technique called ‘accounting ratio’ should be practiced.

Patton has mentioned on his Accounting reappraisal in 1982 that ratio analysis could be really utile in countries like ‘analysis of concern minutess in markets that may non be efficient ; contractual bounds based on accounting rations and public presentation anticipation and hazard rating in an efficient market’ .

Some people might believe that accounting ratios are non utile but in fact these ratios could steer the direction of the company to whether the concern is executing good and it could besides uncover how many yearss their creditors would necessitate to be paid and when they are traveling to have hard currency influxs from their debitors.

However, if more information like the fiscal studies is available, it is possible for the company to to the full analyze and see the public presentation of the company. The accounting ratio could assist the company pull off its hard currency flows efficaciously. Therefore, I would propose for Sean and Fergus to utilize the ratio analysis technique whether they go in front or non with the concern venture.


After analyzing and measuring the cardinal issues of Edit 4U, I conclude that Sean who started the concern along with his married woman Mary should utilize and implement a figure of direction accounting techniques in order for their concern to be enhanced, to turn and to place the costs expeditiously.

As a direction adviser, I would urge for Mr. and Mrs. O’Sullivan to utilize the undermentioned: Activity Based Costing to be the service that Edit 4U offers and to apportion the costs efficaciously to each cost drivers. The Profitability Analysis should be used to calculate the profitableness of a undertaking and the concern. Cost Volume Profit ( CVP ) Analysis ( CSUS, 2014 ) should be used to be able to cognize when the units of end product and the sum of grosss breakeven. Budgeting and accounting ratios are used to analyze the concern venture between Fergus and Sean. These direction accounting techniques could give the two parties a better image of the public presentation of the concern. In add-on, these techniques could give them the most of import information needed to do determinations and send on their program.

Therefore, after accounting the most of import key issues, it has been identified that more information is needed from Sean with respects to the past records and past public presentation of the company in order to utilize the direction accounting techniques and to acquire the most accurate consequences. The more accurate the consequences are from utilizing these techniques, the more accurate the determinations are made for the company.

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