Kennedy’s New Frontier Program

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In November 1960, majority of the American population voted John F. Kennedy into presidency. Opposite to the tactics used by his opponent Richard Nixon who emphasized his experience during the Eisenhower administration, Kennedy called to incorporate new tactics to leadership and new ways to effectively use their country's rich economic and human resources (“An Outline of American History” 12-20). In Kennedy's inauguration speech, he spoke of a “New Frontier. In general, Kennedy's government through the programs incorporated with the New Frontier was dedicated towards creating ways to boost their economy, to strengthen their national defense and to extend international aid towards their allies. In this light, his administration passed several bills and policies that sought to improve their economic status, while giving a close look at the country's housing status, wage level and unemployment level, provision of social services and improving the defense system and battling to decrease the crime rate.

However, his desire to extend the fruits of economic success with the American citizens was thwarted by the mere fact that he won the presidency in such a narrow margin. His opponents from the Conservative Party and southerners resisted the plans that he carried out for his administration. Further, although one of his strongest priorities is to end economic recession and in turn restore economic growth, price increase in the steel indusry has lost him support from business leaders in the country.

Moreover, in the area of civil and social rights, Kennedy fell short from providing the citizens with adequate and quality healthcare, education, international aid and space program (“Kennedy and the New Frontier”). However, despite these shortcomings, hindrances and deficits, he was able to bring judgment with the Cuban Missile Crisis which during that era was one of the most pressing international issues.

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This earned him a great popularity not only among the Americans, but for people from other countries as well. As such, towards the end of his term, he further initiated some measures that are thought to become beneficial for their country. Unfortunately though, on November 1963, he was assassinated. Despite his death, the liberal reputation he gained through his style and ideas continued. The agendas that he intended to implement before his death continued to become a liberal force of change for the Americans.

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