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Despite the plethora of conspiracies surrounding the death of President Kennedy there is overwhelming evidence supporting the theory that a single gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald, killed President Kennedy. History tends to repeat its self time and time again. In this scenario it is the assassination of a President: first President Lincoln; then Garfield, McKinley, and lastly the most controversial of them all, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. The details surrounding his death have been studied and questioned for decades and will be for decades more to come.

One of the most controversial details in the J. F. K assassination was; how many men gunned down the President on one of the most historical days in this Country’s history. Despite all of the controversy surrounding the death of the President, the clearest and most rational answer for who shot and killed the President is Lee Harvey Oswald. On the afternoon of November 22, 1963 fear struck the Nation when President Kennedy was shot and killed while riding in his motorcade through Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas.

Allegedly the shots that were fired came from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository and were shot by the infamous Lee Harvey Oswald. The first shot hit Kennedy in the back, and went through his throat. The same bullet then hit Governor Connelly in the back after shattering a rib and, hit him in the wrist and then in his thigh. The second shot was the fatal shot to the right side of Kennedy’s head which then went on to injure a bystander. Lastly the third and final shot hit the curb as the President’s limousine raced off to get away from the danger.

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During Oswald’s failed attempt to flea from authorities officer J. D. Tippit was shot to death shortly after the President was killed: Oswald denied both killings. Two days after the death of the President as millions of Americans watched Jack Ruby, a Dallas nightclub owner, pushed his way through police officers and shot the alleged assassin. Ruby was convicted for the murder of Oswald. Yet three years later the conviction was over-ruled due in fact that the judge allowed in illegal testimony. Ruby died of cancer before the second trial could be held.

Why was Kennedy assassinated, and by who? Neither of those questions will ever be answered yet Kennedy was greatly disliked in the Soviet Union during the Cold War and in Cuba greatly for the Cuban Missile Crisis on October 8, 1962-roughly a year before the Presidents tragic death. Either country could have hired Oswald to assassinate the President but likely if this was the case the Soviet Union would be more likely to have had a part in Kennedy’s assassination due in part to the fact that Oswald left the U. S. to gain citizenship with the Soviet Union but was turned down.

On the other hand Cuba could have hired the “lone assassin” to assassinate the President over the Cuban missile crisis, when President Kennedy had Cuba dismantle the missile system that the Soviet Union had placed there which was in fact pointed at the United States as well as having two missiles in Turkey, Thor and Jupiter. One of the biggest reasons there are so many conspiracies out there is because of the second bullet that was fired at the President, which was called the “magic bullet” it was said to have done numerous things.

It apparently went through Kennedy’s upper back and out his neck, then took a sharp right turn to go through Connally’s back shattered a rib and came out his chest. After that, the bullet went through Connally’s wrist and then fell to lodge into Connally’s right upper thigh. Yet according to the Warren Report that was written by the Warren commission in September of 1964 the bullet never made any zigzag or funky turn. Connally was seated in a booster seat in front of the President which is not level with the President’s seat, it is three inches lower than Kennedy’s seat.

Also the booster seat is six inches farther towards the middle of the car. Lastly Governor Connally was not sitting straightforward in his seat. He is turned to his right, as seen in the Zapruder Film. Therefore the bullets path would make perfect sense a straight line through both men. In conclusion there is overwhelming evidence that Lee Harvey Oswald was the assassin that took the life of one of our countries’ most profound leaders, President John F. Kennedy, and acted alone. The reasoning for Oswald’s actions may never be uncovered: was he hired to get a point across; for payback, or did he act alone? The answers to these questions have been washed away into the history textbooks of our children and their children to come. May no one ever truly know the meaning behind the assassination of President Kennedy or who really took the life of President, but as the most backed up and legitimate answer is Lee Harvey Oswald.

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