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Jose Protasio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda is an important person in the history of the Philippines and an icon that we can find in every history books in our country. We know him as the guy who dated a lot of women, he was short and not that physically attractive as others but he was more than that. Behind that minute physique of his, is a man that was full of courage and bravery. That same man was the one who wrote two of the most important literary works that somewhat defines us as a nation (Noli Me Tangere and El filibusterismo).

He believes that education is the key to a brighter future. Rizal was just a normal person, just like a man that you can see at the streets everyday. He falls in love, values his family and behaves like an ordinary individual. What makes him exceptional is that he stands by what he think is right and he doesn’t just talk the talk but he walks the walk. The film enlightens us regarding the life story of our national hero, Jose Rizal. It uncovers his life from his childhood until his execution at the hands of the Spanish colonizers, who occupied Philippines for 333 years.

We are also thrown into the world of Rizal's novels, thus we get a peep of how he viewed the Filipino society under the Spanish regime. The movie gives us an idea about how Jose Rizal, which is just an ordinary citizen like us, helped our country acquire independence. It showed us how hard it was for them to gain the freedom that we are enjoying right now. That behind every free man at the moment is equivalent to a man that was maltreated by the Spaniards before.

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It was a very heroic thing to do, sacrificing your own life and not having the assurance if all your sacrifices will be worth it in the end. Based on the ending of the film, I can say that Rizal did it out of love- love for his family and countrymen and that he did not regret giving up things which was important to him in order to help our country. I personally was indifferent about the life and works of our national hero. However, after watching the film, it made me value more the sacrifices that he did for our motherland.

The question that kept swarming on my mind was now answered. What makes Rizal better than the other brave people who also fought for the Philippines? What makes Rizal different? Possibly because Rizal fought for what he believes in a nonviolent and a diplomatic way. He did not fought in a bloody manner like what Andres Bonifacio did rather he used the skill that he was good at which is writing. His works provoke truly heartfelt nationalism. Sure he was a very good writer, poet, novelist, a octor, a warrior, a man who can speak different languages, a charmer, and a man that has his name written in all history books but most importantly he was man that we can really label as a true blooded Filipino. Today, things are not in an ideal situation which was opposite of what Rizal would have wanted. Nevertheless it’s not yet too late to work things out. All of us, especially the youth, just have to bring out the inner “Rizal” spirit that they have within. As what Rizal deems ‘youth are the tomorrow’s leader’.

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What can you say about the film of Jose Rizal?
Jose Rizal is a 1998 Filipino biographical film directed by Marilou Diaz-Abaya and starring Cesar Montano as the titular character. The film follows the life of Jose Rizal, the Philippine national hero, from his childhood to his execution in 1896. It is widely considered to be one of the most important films in Philippine cinema, and is praised for its accurate portrayal of Rizal's life and its powerful message of patriotism and freedom.
What is the point of the Rizal film?
The point of the Rizal film is to tell the story of the life of Philippine national hero Jose Rizal and to celebrate his legacy. It is also meant to inspire viewers to take action and fight for freedom and justice.
Who wrote Jose Rizal film?
The 1998 film Jose Rizal was written by Clodualdo del Mundo Jr. and directed by Marilou Diaz-Abaya. It starred Cesar Montano in the title role and was produced by Viva Films.
What is the setting of Jose Rizal movie?
The setting of the Jose Rizal movie is 19th century Philippines during the Spanish colonization. It follows the life of Jose Rizal, a Filipino nationalist and polymath, and his struggles against Spanish oppression.

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