Investigating how Businesses Work

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In order to complete the sections to a level that will pass all of the criteria's set out I must use a wide range of resources and sources of information, ranging from text books to the World WideWeb and company visits. Write here a History and Introduction to Alton Towers Section One: Business Activities, Aims and Objectives There are many different types of organisations in this world and these organisations operate in different industrial sectors and markets within these sectors. However, business can be divided into two groups; those that provide services and those that produce goods.

Regardless of the type of business organisation, they all have activities, aims and objectives that they wish to achieve. All businesses have an overall reason for providing their service or producing their goods, this overall reason is referred to as the business aim. A business aim is the overall target that the business wishes to achieve it also provides the business with a plan and a reason for trading. Once a business has decided on their aim the next step is to set a number of smaller targets, if the business then achieves these targets they by-product will be that the business should in theory reach their overall aim.

These smaller targets are the business objectives. In order for these objectives to be of use they must follow the S. M. A. R. T rule. Explain the SMART rule here. (Diagram of the Aims and Objectives would look good here) The business must constantly be monitoring and reviewing the business objectives in order to determine if the business is on track to reach the aim. If the business is not on course to meet the overall aim then the objectives can be altered accordingly for the business to get back on track. Once the overall aim has been established, many organisations like to produce a mission statement.

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The mission statement is a published statement to the general public which aims to inform the readers of the mission statement what the business stands for and what they wish to achieve in the long term. Write Alton Towers Mission statement here. From Alton Towers mission statement we can conclude that the overall aim is to write your answer here. This aim will be achieved if Alton Towers reach the objectives of write your answer here. What is the business activity of Alton Towers? What does it do? Does it make products or provide a service? Answer these questions here.

Alton Towers is a very successful theme park, why do you think this is so? (Write about location, the image through advertisement and the quality of the rides). What could the management of Alton Towers do in the future that would keep Alton Towers at the top of the theme parks in the UK? Section Two: Functional Areas of Alton Towers For any business to carry out their activities in order to reach the overall aim the business must be structured in away that facilitates the business operations. One common method used by a business to give it structure is for the business to be organised in functional areas or departments.

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