Orientation And Diagnostic Phase

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In this phase processes applicable include; interviews and team selections/dynamics. Interviews not only help to give insight as to the general view of the participants in the study, but also serve as a measure of which goals they expect to obtain within the process. Actually, five interviews of those identified as relevant to the objectives of the study were conducted. These were; the Newtown Council Chief Executive –Raymond Mackenzie, the Newtown Council Director of Leisure and Recreation - Archie Fleming, Alistair Riley – Project Architect from the technical department of Newtown Council, Dr.

Jamie MacDonald – the Community Medical Doctor and finally the Director of Housing Newtown Council. A participant’s expectation may vary from a personal perspective to that of his/her organizational interests. In addition, the interview set standards for the project as to value of principles of management. Another activity in this phase will involve with the assistance of the facilitator the team building through the ACID test technique as the best mode of team selection and composition.

According to Kelly and Male (2004), ACID is an acronym for Authorize, Inform, Consult and Do. Firstly, it seeks to identify who has authority to take decisions appropriate to the stage of the development of the project. Secondly, identify which expert to include for consultation on particular aspects regarding the projects. Thirdly, identify who to avoid those only to be informed of decisions made. And fourthly, identify those who can carry out major tasks specified. The group also made an evaluation of a similar facility.

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The team then made a site tour to the intended location of the Old Cross community within the Newtown council to identify and appropriate venue selection. The preparation of the agenda for the workshop phase takes place and team members are selected and notified of the workshop. Here information is gathered and analysis of existing information conducted as well as and a tour of the project site. The duration suggested for this level is one week and 4 days. An interval before the next level will last for 2 weeks.

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