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Automation and online transaction is not relatively new here in our country and more so abroad. In fact it is a growing fad abroad and is beginning to crop up in our country gradually, where bank transactions, business dealings and buying and selling take place. It is very convenient to do online transactions because one does not have to actually be in the supermarket, department store, drugstore or bookstore in order to buy things needed.All it takes is a computer that has an internet connection, and one can instantly place the order.

Sooner or later, the product is at the doorstep. Online enrollment is to a certain extent a new fad. Not many, in fact, only a handful schools in the Philippines, particularly in Manila, cater to online subject enlisting and enrollment like for example Ateneo de Manila University, De La Salle University and University of the Philippines (Diliman and Los Banos campus).Enrollment time is a stressful chore not so much for the preschooler, elementary pupil or high school student even with the necessary Entrance Tests required but more so for the college student who has to follow a longer process / procedure in order to receive the status of being officially enrolled and finally have the class cards in his possession. Many await the enrollment schedule of the school they are studying in. Come enrollment time they begin to rush and flock to school as early as possible.Vacations are cut short, young ones are sometimes abruptly separated from the security and comfort of home and family just to be able to study in a good school, relaxation and leisure quickly put to an end that give way to the serious pursuit of study.

For some, they opt for an extended vacation, sometimes coming to school on the last minute just to be with their loved ones a bit longer. Still for many others, it can be the unpredictable weather like a storm which Leyte is famous of, that can hinder them from coming to enroll on the appointed time, especially those living outside Baybay or having their vacation some other place.For the late high school or elementary enrollee, once accepted, it is less taxing, for after having been enrolled, the latter is assured of a slot in every subject the school and its curriculum offers for all levels from Grades 1 – 6 (for the Elementary) and Years 1 – 4 (for high school). There is no fear of having subjects closed for them to enlist in. For the college student it could be a big problem. And this problem can have a harmful effect on his school life. For one, it could mean a delay of the expected time to graduate.

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Another, it could be a waste of time coming to school being under load having only subjects that much! Online enrollment and subject enlisting can solve this problem. Being away from school is not a hindrance to enroll and to enlist in subjects. All it takes is a computer and of course, access to the Net and log on to http://www. fcic. net. ph. That makes it all the more convenient because computers are more accessible nowadays.

All it takes is a visit to an internet cafe, pay a minimum of P10 per hour’s use of computer, fill up necessary questions by typing and clicking the necessary buttons here and there.TECHNICAL “Is the project technically possible? ” Basically, a main computer should be the server where the database is stored which should be put up on a place where only authorized persons can have access to it. This will act as the receiving end of the sent data by the enrollees and subject enlistment of students who enroll online. At the same time students who opt to enroll online will be asked to make a print-out of the subjects they are enlisted in to be shown to the Finance Office ready for payment. FINANCIALCan the institution afford to carry out the project? Although the automation of the subject scheduling and enrollment needs considerable amount of money, it is also guaranteed that the process of enrollment will be more efficient and more organized. Only one computer is needed which will operate as the server and where the database will be located. This server will then be linked to the school’s website fcic.

net. ph as a sub-domain. This will be entirely a web-based system. The estimated cost for this project will be more or less Php 25,000. 0. ORGANIZATIONAL “Will the new system be compatible with the existing system? ” The new system will be made in such a way that it will be compatible with the existing manual enrollment system of the school, only more efficient and organized, and less hassle. The process of enrollment and subject enlistment is more or less the same.

Only that instead of a Registrar personnel facing the enrollee, he is faced with a machine and he can enroll anytime day or night on the appointed schedule given without coming to school, except for special cases.Of course, like any new system applied, it will also take time getting used to, but not difficult to learn and apply. ETHICAL “Is the impact of the new system socially acceptable? ” Since we are now in the ‘Computer Age,’ so to speak, this new system will be readily accepted by all. Many, if not all, are computer literate. This new system will not only be convenient for the students but for the Registrar’s Office and its personnel as well.

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