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Intelligence Community

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In evaluating and analyzing the US Intelligence Committee, it would help to look back in history. The Cold War, which emerged in the 1940’s, was the start of the usefulness of the US Intelligence Community in battling against Communism.

The result of the Second World War is like glue attached to each country involved therein. By 1943, the effects thereof were already inevitable. Germany, who was the leader of the Axis power, was dealt with full anger. Allied forces became stronger when German invaded Russia.

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Further, Japan and Germany were continuing then their battle and spread their powers in Europe and Asia. But the suicide of Adolf Hitler around 1945 ended the war. Germany was divided into two—West Germany was invaded by Americans while East Germany was invaded by Russia. This led to tension and anxiety between citizens of Germany. Because of this division, each invader-country practiced their type of economy to their colony.

Hence, in West Germany, Capitalist form of economy and East Germany under Russia practiced Communism. After the World War, decolonization and liberation happened to some nations who suffered. These nations as they rise from the battleground seek help especially in their economic status. This situation was taken advantage by Capitalists and Communists powers (Borade, 2009).

The US Intelligence Community became popular towards the end of Cold War period. Intelligence is at most the responsibility of the government.

But in America, they always connect the success of their Intelligence Community during the Cold War era.  On January 22, 1946, President Truman, due to the lessons learned in Pearl Harbor, created National Intelligence Authority. This group is in-charge of planning the executing the intelligence activities of the country. Under the National Intelligence Authority is the Central Intelligence Group is responsible for disseminating the intelligence activities.

The first assignment of CIA was battling against Society Union who is spreading its Communist powers worldwide. During 1950’s and 1960’s, CIA gained its full development. On 1950’s, National Security Agency, under the Department of Defense was created which assumes the some tasks of CIA and military.

During the 1960’s a lot of technological advances happened to CIA. As an example, in 1965, the military departments were given the new Defense Attache System. This system includes military men in uniform researching information that will be useful in the military. Other technological advances in the CIA of the Military are: (1) high-speed aircraft and; (2) SR-71. Around 1970, a big reform was made in the Intelligence Community under the presidency of Richard Nixon.

A Schlesinger report was made in 1971 and the said report mentioned that the Intelligence Community is already malfunctioning due to its disorganization. For example, the Intelligence Community according to the report was doing redundant activities and these activities were costly. Because of these findings in the report, President Nixon directed the Intelligence Community to manage its budget properly and oversee the execution of projects and activities.

After the election of President Bush around in the 1990’s, there are suggestions on how to improve the Intelligence Community. This is also because of several things that happened during that time, especially the end of Cold War. Because of this there were calls for the destruction of Intelligence Community. Some legislators said there is no more need for Intelligence Community. But the Congress proposed that instead, a new structure of the Intelligence Community and across the board reductions in the personnel would be better. (Zegart, 2007).

Along with the creation and development of Us Intelligence Community is the US Department of Defense. In 1775, during the American Revolution, US Army, US Marine Corps and US navy were established. Hence, around 1789, the War Department was established.

The War Department is what we now called the Department of Defense. Technically, Department of Defense was created in 1947. This was created with the belief that it will regain the trust given to military, which was destroyed during the Second World War. As the new millennium came, new issues were faced by the Department o Defense.

Dominant among these issues is the use of budget by the said department. The US Government Accountability Office suggested in 2002, that Department of Defense perhaps should try to partner with other government agencies to minimize their budget.

In battling against Communism, CIA has the biggest stake around the world. Communism is like a contagious disease that is growing and spreading throughout the world.

And the CIA has made several steps on war against communism even at the start of the Cold War. Some intellectuals who are exposed to the age of Nazism and Soviet Communism have different views and interpretations about communism. Despite Germany's commitment to democratic reconstruction in the postwar years, its link to liberal and democratic values is weak. Both Nazism and Communisms as intellectuals say promised a new humanity and a new world order.

They were examples of what is called utopian thinking. Utopianism assumes a level of social harmony and moral consensus that renders conflict and change abnormal or deviant. Utopias promote, often unwittingly, a hostile attitude towards individualism, pluralism and change. This is also what CIA promises to the people and the reason why they are doing their job. This is the rational behind their series of activities against Communism which started during the Cold War until the present time.

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