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Is Artificial Intelligence Better Than Human Intelligence

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Good morning everyone I'am the second speaker of the negative side. The topic for our debate is that " Is Artificial Intelligence Better Than Human Intelligence". We, the negative team, believe that the statement is false. We all know that human intelligence is a gift of nature. We cannot create a exact function of human brain. Human beings are highly sensitive and emotional intellectuals.

Humans can see, hear, think, and feel. The thoughts of humans are guided by the feelings. In short the abilities of the human brain cannot be replicated. Artificial intelligence or also known as AI created by humans is a creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans. According to Stephen Hawking "the development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race". So it means that artificial intelligence or AI is a destruction or it is a threat to humans in general. These artificial intelligence or AI has many disadvantages.

First artificial intelligence are high cost. Artificial intelligence needs a big amount of money since they are a complex machines. AI needs maintenance, repair and the software programs needs to be updated. It needs a huge time and money.

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Second artificial intelligence has no improvement for intelligence. Artificial intelligence cannot adopt our changing environments. They are only programmed to do a specific task.

Third artificial intelligence has no original creativity. Artificial intelligence have already programmed in their memory of different designs created by humans. They cannot advise or come up with a new idea because they don't have the exact functions of brain that humans have.
Fourth artificial intelligence cannot replicate humans. Artificial intelligence do not have moral values and emotions. AI cannot make decisions when they encounter situations unfamiliar to them since they are already programmed. And they lack of human touch and they are not passionate in working like humans do.

In conclusion, this artificial intelligence can harm us humans. And we believe that human intelligence is better than artificial intelligence because we created them and humans control the AI machines. Without the human intelligence or human knowledge their is no artificial intelligence.

Is Artificial Intelligence Better Than Human Intelligence essay

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