Innovation for the Future

Last Updated: 17 May 2021
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In today’s competitive business market, companies need an edge to stand out against all the competition. Today’s consumer is intelligent, and will look for companies that put their best foot forward right at the beginning. Your company needs to stand out and be a cut above the rest to gain their attention. You’ll need to show them quickly what you can offer them verses what the competition can. Our new innovative Digital Business Cards can do that for you! Here at Digi-Card Design, we provide Innovation for the Future Today! Traditionally, business cards have been on simple pieces of paper.

Now, with new technology available, we are able to provide your business with an innovative approach to your business card needs! Innovation for the future and you’ll be right on the cutting edge. Our mission is to make your business shine. We will make your new cards stand out above all the rest!  Traditionally, every business owner knows that it’s important to have business cards. It’s nearly impossible to operate a business without cards to hand out to clients and potential clients. Business cards are necessary to let your client know how to contact you.

This is true whether you are operating a small home business, or a larger corporation. Think back to the last business card you held in your hands. It was likely done in black ink on a white card. Not much information, other than the phone number and location, right? What is going to impress you more? A business card on a piece of paper, or an innovative new digital business card that will stand out? Digi-Cards will stand out from all other business cards and will pop right into their CD-Rom, that will literally speak for itself and teach them anything they need to know about you and your business!

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Innovation for the future right here in the present! Your clients will be delighted to gain access into the innovations your company can offer them. Our Clients DigiCardDesign offers complete turnkey solution service—from concept and visual design to entice your clients to mass production. We provide a complete All-In-One CD Business Card service.

Difference Between Traditional Business Cards and the Digicard

Digital Business Cards, along with the standard information, might well contain photos, forms, video, music, pricelists, catalogues, and any other piece of information you’d like to present to your client—whatever you want to show them! The innovative Digi-Card will fit right into the wallet, like a standard business card, but will provide much more in the way of information. Each card can be input into any CD-Rom and give any information you want your customer to have. Think of the time you’ll save as a business owner. How much of your day now is spent on explaining what your company does? Or how much items cost?

Or taking orders for product catalogues? Running presentations to the post office? What if you could have all that information in the customer’s hands in a card the size of their Visa? Now, you CAN With the new Digi-Card Business Card! Show your clients that you are the leader, by allowing them full access into the insight your company offers to fit their needs! Your business card should say as much about your company as the salesperson you’d send to their door. You likely dress for success, your card should say just as much about your business!

About Our Products Impress your clients with a CD-Rom Business Card! Your card, created on a business card sized CD that will bring your business to life. Digi-Cards are becoming more and more popular everyday because it is more effective and successful than traditional advertising or marketing campaigns, and much more cost-effective. As we’ve already outlined, your digital cards will save your company time and money! CD Business Cards are the latest, most powerful and cost-effective business marketing tool—and are here to stay!

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